Kevin Bacon Is Serving up Glorious Food Hacks on TikTok

Kevin Bacon Is Serving up Glorious Food Hacks on TikTok

I’ve recently discovered a little corner of the internet that has brought incredible joy to my life. That corner would be Kevin Bacon’s TikTok account. Comparable only to Stanley Tucci’s Instagram cocktail classes, Bacon’s TikTok videos are small bites of wholesome goodness and I could watch them all day, every day.

While the Footloose actor has shared a bunch of different things to the platform (the videos of him singing to his goats are particularly enjoyable), the content that is winning him the most attention is his selection of food-prep hacks.

In the interest of passing on Bacon’s pearl’s of wisdom, I thought I’d pull together a summary of his most popular TikTok hacks so far. Here they are:

Kevin Bacon’s Morning Mango

In this video, Bacon shows us how he preps mango in the mornings. He shared that he slices up the cheek of the mango, then coats it with lime juice, chilli powder and sea salt. It looks damn delicious, and five million people (at the time of publishing) have tuned in to check it out. Check it out below.


Good morning TikTok! Do you love mango? This is how I like to eat it. #EasyMeal #TikTokRecipe #SummerDIY #Mango

♬ Memories (In the Style of Maroon 5) [Karaoke Version] – Instrumental King

Kevin Bacon’s Pre-Sliced Banana

Why would you need a pre-sliced banana, you ask? I’m not entirely sure. But it could be a nice way to prepare your snack before packing it for work or school or wherever else you may be bringing your nanas.

In a nutshell, Bacon takes a needle and thread and wraps the thread around the circumference of the banana. Then he pulls the thread through the middle of the banana.

When he peels the fruit, the pieces are pre-sliced and ready for snacking. Is it a time saver? Maybe not. Is it cool? Definitely.

Watch that one here:

Kevin Bacon’s Guacamole Recipe:

Who doesn’t love a good guac? Bacon’s recipe has a few surprises, and accidental ASMR – as he put it. He makes the dip by adding avocado (not mushed, diced!), lime juice, coriander (cilantro in the States), a handful of roasted pumpkin seeds or pepitas and salt.

His last tip is that you need a really good chip. My favourite part of this entire video is hearing him say “that’s banging” after tasting at the end.


I know what you’re thinking…Kevin, it’s NationalGuacamoleDay. And you’re right. How could I resist? #AccidentalASMR #SixDegreesOfASMR #QuickRecipes

♬ original sound – Kevin Bacon

If you’d like more TikTok food hacks, check out this list of the very best recipes to come out of the platform so far. And if you want more wholesome Kevin Bacon content, follow his account here.

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