Is This TikTok Hack the Best Way to Peel an Egg?

Is This TikTok Hack the Best Way to Peel an Egg?

I love hardboiled eggs. I have them in my salad, make deviled eggs (probably more than I should), and eat them as a healthy snack. So when a TikTok video revealed a clean way to peel an egg in one swift blow, I was intrigued. This hack could be perfect for a quick hardboiled egg snack, especially when peeling can feel like it takes longer than the cook time. (My personal issue is having a clean peel, as sometimes I spend way too much time picking off little pieces of shell, or chunks of the egg whites come off while peeling.)

The hack involves cracking and peeling a small hole on one side, and cracking the other end until it’s loose but not peeled. Once the cracks are set, you hold the egg with the small hole end to your mouth, and blow. Watch the TikTok here to get and idea of what’s supposed to happen when you blow on the egg.

This hack isn’t necessarily an everyday way to peel an egg, but it’s fun and extremely hilarious to watch. Take a look at the video below to see how the process actually works–and for shits and giggles.

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