How to Make Garlic Less Garlic-y

How to Make Garlic Less Garlic-y

This may be a bold declaration I’m about to make, but it’s one I’m happy to stand behind. I think hummus is the king of the dips.

It’s creamy, flavourful and versatile. Have you ever tasted lemon hummus? It’s a dream. I could eat the stuff every day. I kind of do.

Anyway, if you too are a hummus fiend, you may have attempted to make the dip at home once or twice. If you have, there’s a chance you’ve run into the problem of a particularly powerful garlic flavour in your dip.

Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. The topic popped up in a Reddit feed recently with folks discussing their solutions to intense garlic flavour in homemade hummus.

How to tone down strong garlic flavour in hummus? from AskCulinary

A few solutions were brought to the table, but one appeared more popular than the rest. That was the use of lemon juice.

Redditor felipevca shared that blitzing the garlic in lemon juice can settle the flavour somewhat. It’s a point that American chef and food writer Kenji Lopez has made before, they shared.

How to use lemon juice with garlic

Taking a peek at Kenji Lopez’s recipe for smooth hummus, he shares that, “you start by putting whole, unpeeled garlic cloves—a whole head’s worth of them—in a blender with a good amount of lemon juice and blending it to a pulpy purée. You then press the liquid through a fine-mesh strainer into a bowl”.

He wrote that his initial assumption was that the flavour was going to be particularly strong, but to his surprise, he “found that, while it had a powerful, sweet garlic aroma, it had none of the harshness or raw, hot garlic bite you’d expect”.

Now, this hack is not necessarily hummus-specific. There’s nothing to say you can’t use it in other recipes that require raw garlic. This trick simply popped up with regard to a hummus recipe. And iff you do give it a try, let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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