How To Discreetly Report Safety Issues on the Uber App Mid-Trip

How To Discreetly Report Safety Issues on the Uber App Mid-Trip
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In an update that is likely to be quite encouraging for ride-share users, Uber has announced that as of February 9, 2021 (i.e. today) the service will have a new safety feature available to its customers.

The new On-Trip Reporting feature enables passengers to alert the business of any behaviour that leaves them feeling uncomfortable as their ride unfolds. While the app has inbuilt systems designed to address urgent circumstances already, this new function would seemingly act as a means of supporting passengers with issues that are not emergencies, but still deserve attention.

In a statement on the news, Uber wrote:

“Aussies will now be able to discreetly and conveniently report non-emergency safety issues through the app on a trip, instead of waiting until after the trip has ended. Perhaps your driver is manoeuvring carelessly around traffic or driving a little too fast for your comfort levels?”

The ride-share app stated that its research indicates passengers don’t always report “uncomfortable experiences” post-ride because once a trip is over, the details of it may no longer be front of mind. This new approach is designed to curtail that hole in the passenger’s safety experience.

So, how do you use on-trip reporting?

Once on your trip, if something leaves you feeling a little off, simply visit the app’s Safety Toolkit and select the “report safety incident” option (tap on the blue shield icon).

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From here, you’ll be able to report a non-emergency safety issue to the app. This will get you a follow up from Uber’s Safety Team post-trip.

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For emergency situations, Uber asks that you contact their safety team by using the Emergency Assistance button in the app.

On-trip reporting joins existing safety features in-app Emergency Assistance button (referenced above), the Share My Trip function, Check Your Ride push notifications, and the option to Verify My Ride with a pin code while riding.

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