The Best Telescopes for Amateur Star-Gazing

The Best Telescopes for Amateur Star-Gazing
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Astronomy is one of those things that fascinates everyone to some degree. You might have looked up at the stars one night and questioned your own existence or been curious to learn more about the solar system. Perhaps you’ve even thought about alien life forms on other planets – no matter your particular interest, there’s something in it for everyone. One of the best ways to learn a little more about the world around us is investing in a telescope.

Given that we can’t do much travelling, it’s nice to explore a world far greater than our own. The sky is a vast place filled with thousands of things to explore. So, if you’re just starting out on your star-gazing journey, here are the best telescopes to invest in.

Portable Refractor Scope For Beginners ($97.99) 

This telescope was built for adventure. No tools are required for the set-up, meaning you can pack it up and take it away anywhere. It’s a perfect starting point for amateur astronomers, delivering crisp images with high clarity.

Astronomical Refractor Scope ($139.99)

If you’re looking to get up close and personal with the sky, this is the right pick for you. 21 magnification gives you an incredibly detailed view including craters and volcanoes in the moon.

Professional Astronomical Telescope ($139.99)

This scope may look a little intimidating but it’s actually very simple to use. The large lens gives you an ultra-clear image of the sky while two eyepieces allow you to focus in on certain objects. It also comes with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

MAXLAPTER Scope ($262.50) 

This is the holy grail of beginners telescopes. Fitted out with all the bells and whistles, it comes with a focusing wheel, moon filters, optical finder and zenith mirror. In short, everything you need to get a really detailed view up above.

70mm Refractor Scope with Tripod ($123.34) 

This portable scope is a perfect model for people just starting out in their astronomy journey. Enjoy a focal length of 400mm and a 70mm large aperture objective lens. You’ll learn how to locate objects faster, clearer and brighter in no time at all.

SVBONY Refactor Telescope ($106.04) 

Another excellent entry-level scope that’ll encourage your love for astronomy. It’s suitable for both terrestrial and celestial viewing so it’s great for people with a broad curiosity of the sky.


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