The Best Movies About Being Single to Watch This Valentine’s Day

The Best Movies About Being Single to Watch This Valentine’s Day
Image: Someone Great
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If you’re single, it’s usually a rite of passage that you’ll sit down with a box of chocolates and pop on some Valentine’s Day movies when the fateful day rolls around.

That being said, most of the movies out there involve big romantic gestures, tear-jerking wedding vows and way too many sappy one-liners. If that’s not really your kind of thing (in fact, you can think of nothing worse than watching them on Valentine’s Day), then you’ve come to the right place.

Full disclosure, a couple of the movies in here do have a traditional ‘happy ending’ but we feel the main character had to go through enough drama to get there so it’s justified, you know?

Anyway, grab the discounted chocolate, kick back and throw one of these anti-Valentine’s Day movies.

How To Be Single

The title says it all really, this is the holy grail movie to watch if you’re single at any age.

Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion

A movie that’s dedicated to celebrating female friendship? It’s a yes from us.

Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

In Her Shoes

This movie starts with one sister walking in on the other cheating with her boyfriend – in her bed. The rest of the movie is about them finding a way back together.

Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

The Devil Wears Prada

Who needs a man when you’re dominating at work? Certainly not Anne Hathaway.

Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

Never Been Kissed

This film is an absolute classic. Watching Drew Barrymore get her redemption shot at high-school is truly unmatched and will make you feel better about your own cringeworthy moments.

Watch it now on Disney+.

You Again

Imagine having to return to your hometown where you were known as the awkward girl? And reconnect with your high school crush amid the chaos of your brothers wedding? Kirsten Bell does all this and more.

Watch it now on Disney+.

The First Wives Club

If you’ve ever gotten together with your friends and plotted revenge on your exes, you’ll love this movie. Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler are the ultimate power trio.

Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

We all have our breakup horror stories, but imagine nursing your broken heart at a Hawaiian resort only to find your ex and their new partner are staying at the same place? Strap in because this one is truly wild.

Watch now on Amazon Prime.

Princess Diaries

Anne Hathaway ruling an entire nation is enough to make any single girl feel like she can do anything.

Watch it now on Disney+.

27 Dresses

All the bridesmaids dresses in the world and the sweet eyes of James Marsden – sounds perfect.

Watch it now on Disney+.


If all you’re looking for is a really good laugh, this movie always does the trick. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already seen it a million times, the jokes will still hit hard.

Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

Someone Great

If you’ve recently been broken up with then this is an absolute must-watch. If you can grab all your best friends to watch it with as well, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Watch it now on Netflix.

Eat, Pray, Love

Sometimes you need to uproot your entire life and go eat pasta in Italy.

Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

The Other Woman

One cheating ratbag brings three unlikely women together to build the most chaotic friendship ever.

Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

Under The Tuscan Sun

A recently divorced writer is suffering sever writers block and is in need of a scenery change. Maybe buying house in Tuscany will do the trick?

Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

Uptown Girls

Sometimes all you really need in this life is a friend, even if that friend is a 9-year old. This is a really sweet movie about the unlikely people who bring out the best in us.

Watch it now on Stan.


Reese Witherspoon stars a recently divorced woman who decides to embark on a 1170km hike entirely solo. She learns a lot about herself in the process and it’s an inspiring watch for anyone out there doing life on their own.

Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

He’s Just Not That Into You

Making up, breaking up – this movie covers all the messy corners of love and dating. If you’ve ever spent days waiting by the phone for a guy then it’ll resonate with you.

Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

Suddenly 30

There will never be a bad time to watch this movie. If you’re not interested in the love story aspect then you need to watch it solely for the choreographed Thriller dance scene.

Watch it now on Stan.


Two best friends letting loose before their high-school graduation is our reminder that female friendships should be priority number one.

Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

Little Women

A modern take on a beloved classic. If anything, it’ll certainly make you feel better about dating in the 21st Century.

Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants

One of the OG girl-power movies still holds up today. Four friends, one pair of pants – you know how the story goes.

Watch it now on Amazon Prime.

If you have any other must-see Valentine’s Day movies then drop them in the comments!

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