Dry Shampoo Isn’t Just for Hiding Your Greasy Hair

Dry Shampoo Isn’t Just for Hiding Your Greasy Hair
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If you’ve been sleeping on dry shampoo, you’re seriously missing out. The fact that a few sprays of the good stuff means you can go an extra day or two (or five) between washes is a godsend. 

However, no two dry shampoos are alike, especially now that formulas have evolved to be relatively undetectable. While they’re all excellent at removing excess dirt and oil, dry shampoo also has some other brilliant hacks that go beyond just hiding greasy hair.

Add volume

Even on freshly washed hair, a few spritzes of dry shampoo can give your hair new life. To give it a little zhuzh, start at the roots and massage the dry shampoo into your hair before working your way up and out towards the ends. This will add body and volume to lacklustre locks. 

Set curls

If you often spend hours trying to achieve the perfect curls (or waves), only to have them fall out halfway through the day, try adding a little dry shampoo. The starch in the formula will cover your hair’s natural oils, keeping them from clumping together, becoming heavy and falling out. 

Hold bobby pins in place

Just like when you spray bobby pins with hairspray to keep them in place, you can spray them with a little dry shampoo to provide them with a stronger grip.  

Keep your bangs off your forehead 

If you’ve got bangs, you’ll know the pain of having them stick to your forehead in summer. A little spray of dry shampoo to the underside of your fringe will keep them stick-free all day long. 

Create bedhead texture

If, like me, you love the extra volume your hair has when you wake up, you can hold onto it with dry shampoo. Spritz a bit on before going to bed, and when you wake up in the morning you’ll be able to maintain some of the added texture. It also makes styling your hair easier if you’re looking for a more voluminous ‘do. 

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