Add Salt to Your Whiskey for the Best Old Fashioned Cocktail

Add Salt to Your Whiskey for the Best Old Fashioned Cocktail
The secret is salt.

When it comes to the end of a long week, or just a big day, how good is a cocktail? My absolute favourite is an Old Fashioned. Not too sweet, and makes me feel just a tad fancy, especially in a classy glass.

Now I’m pretty new to making cocktails myself – give it a crack and you’ll soon realise why bars charge 20 bucks a pop for them. But an Old Fashioned is fairly easy. The perfect place to start your celebration.

It’s basically whiskey, bitters and orange peel. But at a recent event for Westward Whiskey (yes, tough gig I’ve got, I know), I was handed an Old Fashioned that blew my mind. It had one extra ingredient: rock salt.

(Full disclosure: I usually avoid salt at all costs, but this was a special occasion. A rare treat.)

The tiny pinch of rock salt completely changed the drink. It was like it brought all the flavours in the glass to a whole new level.

It also made the cocktail incredibly moreish and I may have guzzled it more quickly than was polite. So be warned.

Here’s how to make an Old Fashioned with a salty twist

Westward Whiskey Old Fashioned Ingredients

60mL Westward American Single Malt Whiskey

5mL raw liquid honey

A pinch of Olsson’s sea salt flakes

Half a dropper of Fee Brothers Old Fashion Aromatic Bitters

Orange peel to garnish


Pour the whiskey, honey, sea salt and bitters into a mixing glass and stir. The put it all into a fancy Old Fashioned rocks glass on a large cube (it’s the fancy glass that makes it extra delicious, if you ask me). Garnish with a strip of orange peel (if that’s not your thing, you can use a cherry to garnish instead).

That’s it. So simple yet so impressive, and that’s what we love. Cheers!

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