7 KitKat Flavours, Ranked From Meh to God Tier

7 KitKat Flavours, Ranked From Meh to God Tier

The crafty minds at KitKat have been hard at work of late, dropping new flavours left, right and centre. Remember those Christmas-dinner flavoured bars they released? That was a time.

Most recently, the choccy brand has come out with a couple of summery KitKat flavours – inspired by iconic ice cream flavours that are particularly well-loved by Aussies. Those are: KitKat Ice Cream Inspired Mint Choc Chip – described as “crisp wafer fingers covered in creamy mint flavoured choc, topped with Swiss cocoa crisps, all on a smooth milk chocolate base,” and KitKat Ice Cream Inspired Caramel Crisp – described as “crisp wafer fingers covered in creamy caramel flavoured choc, topped with French caramel flakes, all on a creamy white chocolate base”.

With the arrival of the two new flavours, we in the Lifehacker Australia office thought it our duty to share our thoughts on the newbies, along with a handful of other popular KitKat classics.

The timing is quite *chef’s kiss* perfect too, as this chocolate taste-test has lined up with the launch of our new content series, Real Life Reviews. Keep an eye out for these guys, as they’ll offer relatable write-ups on all kinds of goodies we think you might enjoy. But enough on that – let’s get to the sweet stuff.

Here’s our very serious ranking of a handful of notable KitKat flavours

The flavours we tried were:

KitKat Ice Cream Inspired Mint Choc Chip
KitKat Ice Cream Inspired Caramel Crisp
KitKat Honeycomb Smash Block
KitKat Double Cookies and Cream
KitKat Gold
KitKat Milk Chocolate
KitKat Dark

There were five very dedicated individuals who stepped up and offered to review a handful of KitKat flavours (no we weren’t sent all of them, so it’s not an exhaustive list). I’ve included each of their thoughts in a ranked assessment below.

Here we go!

1. Honeycomb Smash Block:

(The Winner)

Mel: “Ok, this is yum. It has a nice burnt flavour to the honeycomb, which sounds way too posh for a choccy block.”

Cam: “If you need to mess with perfection, do this. Tastes like a Crunchy but with the volume turned down.”

Tegan: “More honeycomb than I expected, which was delightful. It definitely skewed more towards a toasted honeycomb, which was perfect to cut through the sweet milk chocolate.”

Leah: “Very nice, not too crunchy and not too smushy.”

Steph: “This would go nicely with a cup of tea. Honeycomb flavour is obvious but not OTT. One of my favourites.”

2. Ice Cream Inspired Mint Choc Chip:

Mel: “Good out. Very minty but not to the point of eating toothpaste.”

Cam: “Hell YEAH this was good. Like a Mint Slice but a little bit less extra.”

Tegan: “This tastes like a cross between an after-dinner mint and a mint slice. For me, this and the honeycomb were the clear winners. If you’re super into minty choc mint this will be your jam.”

Leah: “Mint does not belong on chocolate, end of story.”

Steph: “I’m not usually into mint choc chip, but they really nailed that nostalgic ice cream flavour. It’s yummy as hell.”

3. Milk:

Mel: “Tastes like the Easter Show.”

Cam: “God tier. Don’t mess with perfection.”

Tegan: “Classic flavour but perhaps sweeter than I remember? I’m probably just getting old.”

Leah: “Absolute classic, can’t go wrong with a milk KitKat.”

Steph: “Solid. Classic. Not obsessed with it, but it’s a good time.”

4. Caramel Crisp:

Mel: “Definitely crispy. One piece is enough though.”

Cam: “Crunchy! Pretty ok.”

Tegan: “Caramel Crisp and Gold tasted the same to me. Caramel just had a bit more biscuit.”

Leah: “Great white chocolate texture and the perfect blend of caramel, not as sweet as I expected but good.”

Steph: “I liked how the crispy layer broke up the sweetness a little, but too creamy for me.”

5. Dark Chocolate:

Mel: “The dark chocolate tastes like the cooking stuff my aunt used to maker her own chocolates with when I was a kid.”

Cam: “I’m usually a dark chocolate fan but not for me.”

Tegan: “I love me some dark chocolate but I wasn’t a huge fan of this. It tasted a bit like compound chocolate.”

Leah: “I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate, but this was nice. Good balance of bitterness and sweetness.”

Steph: “Too sweet for me. I like my dark chocolate dark. This was disappointing.”

6. Gold:

(The Bottom)

Mel: “It tastes like choc buds from my primary school days. Not yum. But to be fair, I’m not a fan of white chocolate.”

Cam: “Tasted more caramelly than caramel. Too sweet for me.”

Tegan: See above comment for Caramel Crisp.

Leah: “Very good but unremarkable.”

Steph: “Kind of reminded me of a Milko Chew. It was a lot.”

So, there we have it. Our thoughts on some of the more talked-about KitKat flavours of the moment. Do you disagree? Probably. Feel free to tell us how wrong we are in the comments below.

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