The Secret to Avoiding Sweaty Balls

The Secret to Avoiding Sweaty Balls
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Alright, people. We’re all about to get to know each other a little bit better here. Because once you discuss the topic of testicles with someone, you can’t very well consider yourselves strangers anymore, can you?

Now, the truth is that any person with a human body experiences gross natural episodes – like excessive sweating – all the time. It’s not weird and it’s certainly not rare. But when it comes to “down there,” a little too much moisture and a less than strict approach to hygiene can lead to a nasty situation, friends.

So, let’s talk about how to keep the family jewels sweat-free (well, less sweaty).

Leak-proof underwear brand Modibodi has grown to become quite well known for its work in pushing period panties into the mainstream (I’ve tried them; they’re brilliant). What you may not know about this company, however, is that they also have underwear options to help with sweaty balls.

The company states that although many men and people with testicles don’t often think about this element of their health (a survey completed by Modibodi showed that 47.5% of Aussie men don’t think about their sweaty balls), it can have a huge impact on their lives.

“A whiff of crotch swamp is not only a turn off for most people romantically, it’s an actual health threat with a high risk of infection,” Modibodi writes.

What causes said “crotch swamp”?

Friction and moisture are your worst enemies, in this setting. The surface of your underwear rubbing against your bits, combined with the moisture brought in from sweat, leads to chafing.

Modibodi explains that:

“Not taking sweat and chafing seriously can lead to painful rashes, fungal infections, like jock-itch or other bacterial infections such as folliculitis. A damp patch down under is also unsightly and can give off a potent pong.”

And all that discomfort has a consequence. According to surveys completed by the underwear company, sweaty balls can be a source of embarrassment, with about one in ten Aussie men (7.8%) claiming that sweating or chafing has stopped them from taking part in activities they enjoy.

Okay, so how do you avoid sweaty balls?

One way is not to go overboard with the shaving or waxing. Sure, keep things tidy if that’s what you or your partner are into but according to Modibodi’s resident GP, Dr Sam Hay, manicuring the area too often is a bad move.

“Too much manscaping down below can actually make the situation worse and increase the risk of rashes and chafing,” he shared in a quote.

The other key move here is to make sure you’re on the, um, ball when it comes to hygiene. Take regular showers and don’t use any creams or powders that are not designed for those areas. It’s also worth pointing out that if this is something that brings you serious anxiety, chat to your doctor – they’ve definitely dealt with it before and they can offer more advice.

Lastly, choose moisture-wicking underwear that allows your nether regions to breathe. This is a big deal. Obviously, Modibodi is an option in this area; their underwear range for men (check it out here) uses fabric that is moisture-wicking, absorbent, leak-proof and breathable. Exactly what you want if you’re hoping to avoid sweaty balls. Other brands like Jockey, Bonds and Boody, however, also offer similar briefs that should have your downstairs smelling and feeling fresher in no time.

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