The Best Masterclass Courses to Add to Your 2021 Goals

The Best Masterclass Courses to Add to Your 2021 Goals
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Is 2021 the year you learn to play tennis with Serena Williams? It could be.

MasterClass, as you may already know, is an online streaming platform that has pulled together the expertise of a hell of a lot of industry whizzes in order to offer folks digital courses on almost any area you could think of.

Yes, the aforementioned tennis class is one of them.

If you’ve decided 2021 is the year you try something new, here’s a list of some of the more attention-grabbing options available on the site.

The best MasterClass courses on offer:

Learn photography with Annie Leibovitz

There are few things that sound as impressive as, “Oh nothing, I just learnt how to shoot profiles from my pal Annie Leibovitz”. Will she be your pal at the end of the course, no. But you’ll have learnt the art of photography from her and that’s pretty damn incredible.

Learn Scientific Thinking and Communication with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Change the way you think by building your skills in scientific literacy, distilling data and navigating bias.

Learn Creative Writing with Margaret Atwood

The author of The Handmaid’s Tale knows how to pen a moving text. Practice your craft with this industry legend.

Learn how to play the guitar with Carlos Santana

This is probably one of the coolest experiences a person could have.

Learn how to garden with Ron Finley

Also known as the “Gangster Gardener,” Ron Finley will show you the ropes of how to not only keep your plants alive but grow your own food.

Learn tennis from, you guessed it, Serena Williams

Master the sport with the guidance of a sporting legend. As MasterClass writes, “This is as close as you can get to a private lesson with one of the world’s greatest tennis players.”

Learn cooking with Gordon Ramsey

Take lessons from a seven-star Michelin chef. Ramsey will let you into his kitchen and show you the ropes of everything from setting up your space, to choosing produce.

Learn about Conservation from Dr. Jane Goodall

In a rare chance to absorb the wisdom of Jane Goodall, this course will show you how you can conserve the environment.

Learn Space Exploration with Chris Hadfield

Interested in space travel? Chris Hadfield has done it three times and in his Masterclass course, he takes you through the science of the experience and what life as an astronaut is really like.

There are loads more examples than what I’ve listed here (like Natalie Portman teaching acting, Judd Apatow teaching Comedy and Stephen Curry teaching basketball) so, if there’s a new skill you’re looking to learn this year, it’s definitely worth taking a deeper look.

A membership with MasterClass costs $AUD 280 per year and will give you access to all courses and classes.

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