The Areas in Your Home You’re Probably Forgetting to Clean

The Areas in Your Home You’re Probably Forgetting to Clean

Okay, folks. So the new year is here and the silly season has finally come to an end. What that generally means is that many folks will be a) attempting to get their New Year’s resolutions going b) working towards making healthier choices post-Christmas and c) giving their homes a solid scrub down.

If you fall into that third group, I thought I’d help out by offering a few cleaning hacks that should help. After all, if you’re going to do something… may as well do it well, yeah?

So, I chatted with the team at Koh eco cleaning and did some digging online to help you with your annual deep clean.

Think about common touchpoints when cleaning

As the team at Koh told me over email, there are loads of areas we forget to wipe down during the cleanup process. So, their biggest cleaning hack is to pay attention to areas we overlook.

Especially now, with a pandemic on our hands, you want to consider all those areas that “get touched over and over throughout the day, but often get overlooked when cleaning”.

Think “light switches, bannisters, appliance handles and door handles,” they said.

“Add these to your clean routine to ensure you’re regularly removing bacteria, especially with guests coming around…”

Apartment Therapy has also listed a heap of areas that tend to get neglected come clean time. They pointed to spots like the front of your dishwasher; your backsplashes and their grout; fake plants (they get dusty); the remote control; your shower curtain liner; garbage cans and recycling bins, and your cleaning supplies/appliances, themselves. When was the last time you cleaned your washing machine out?

Get yourself a grout brush

If you’re planning on smashing out a deep clean, you’re going to want to be able to reach awkward areas that (as we covered above) are often forgotten about. On this point, the team at Koh suggests getting yourself a grout brush. It’s “the cleaning tool you never knew you needed,” they said.

“Not only can you ditch the toothbrush to clean your grout, it’s also super handy for getting into other hard to clean areas like window and sliding door rails or the seal of your fridge. Just grab your Grout brush, wrap it in a Microfibre Cloth and get into those grooves.”

Sounds pretty useful if you ask me.

Save on quality cleaning products, like a grout brush, by using one of our Koh discount codes.

Yes, you can find natural, eco-friendly products that work

As Better Homes & Gardens writes, natural products that you’ll find in your home like baking soda, distilled white vinegar and certain essential oils can be great options for some cleaning tasks. So, no you don’t need to attack your home with harsh chemicals during every clean. A cleaning hack that is good for you and the environment? Impressive, right.

It’s also worth looking into options that use recycled materials, or refillable bottles that help reduce the amount of plastic we toss into landfill every year. Check out options like Koala Eco, Planet Luxe, Cove Cleaning and yes, Koh (I’ve used their universal cleaner, and I’m a fan).

As their team told me, “an eco-friendly system” like theirs or many others available on the market right now “can help make quick work of even the toughest grime, without using any harsh chemicals”.

Worth giving it a shot, no?

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