How to Eat a Hot Chilli Without Wanting to Die

How to Eat a Hot Chilli Without Wanting to Die

Chilli is one of those things that you can only love with sacrifice. Some people chase the absolute hottest dishes imaginable without fear of burning through their esophagus. Others prefer to stick firmly to the ‘mild please’ option at a restaurant.

No matter which side you land on, it’s always best to be prepared when ordering or cooking a dish with chilli.

How to survive a spicy dish

Now, if you’re like me and would rather die than eat a hot chilli, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself. Spice specialist Joe Satari, from Deliveroo, has shared his tips for tackling spicy dishes.

Joe recommends you line your stomach beforehand with a decent meal or snack. That way you won’t be as prone to an upset stomach when a hot chilli hits it. A good choice of meal is something with carbs like bread, rice or pasta which will create a great buffer.

When tucking into your dish, take your time. Take a few small bites to allow your body to adjust to the heat. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

If the heat is getting to you there are a few emergency options. Joe says:

Milk and dairy products contain a form of a protein called ‘casein’ that have a cooling effect on the burning sensation that will be going on in your mouth. So tuck into a glass of full-fat milk, your favourite ice cream or sour cream to ease the pain!

Honey and sugar also work. Joe recommends half a teaspoon of either on your tongue will help to absorb the spice from your mouth. Acidic juices like lime are another solid option.

If you do turn to the tap for help, Joe says that warm water is much more beneficial. It helps to dilute and remove spice from your tongue. An insider trick is to gargle with warm water and then spit out, removing that painful chilli taste.

Time to tackle a chilli challenge

Now you are armed with everything you need to face the spiciest of chillies, all that’s left is a worthy challenger.

This weekend marks International Hot and Spicy Food Day. On January 16, Deliveroo is giving locals the chance to try the ‘Roo Hot, Roo Spicy’ challenge which features dishes infused with Puckerbutt Reaper Sauce.  No thank you, that name was enough to knock me out of the competition.

Now, when we say this sauce is hot, we’re talking made from the hottest chilli in the world and you have to sign a waiver hot. So proceed with caution and take note of all the tips above.

But if you’re keen on giving this death sauce a go, here are the participating restaurants where you can order with Deliveroo this weekend.

Adelaide: Yankees Burger Bar, Cheeky Chook, Burgertec.

Brisbane: Big Roddy’s Rippin’ Rib Shack – South Brisbane and Fortitude Valley.

Geelong: Boss Burger Co., Boss Burger Co. Waurn Ponds, Hot Chicken Project.

Melbourne: The B. East of Brunswick St, Horn Please, Hello Sam.

Perth: RoyAl’s Chicken and Burgers Northbridge

Sydney: Arthur’s Paddington, Arthur’s Pizza (Randwick, Rosebury, Maroubra, Glebe, Bexley), Mary’s, Mary’s Newtown.

If you take up this 2.2 million Scoville level challenge, best of luck to you. But these tips are sure to help you survive a spicy dish for the rest of your days.

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