These Mini Skincare Fridges Will Extend the Shelf Life of Your Fave Products

These Mini Skincare Fridges Will Extend the Shelf Life of Your Fave Products
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If the last year has turned you into a skincare devotee then you’ll no doubt already have a skincare fridge sitting in your Amazon cart or saved in your Instagram folder. 

A beauty fridge is an extra small mini fridge that’s designed specifically for your skincare products — think face masks, mists, cooling lotions, serums, moisturisers and stone face tools. They’re ideal for those who want to either extend the life of their skincare products, need that extra burst of freshness in the AM, or have puffy skin when they wake up. 

I know what you’re thinking, ‘why can’t I just stick my prods in my actual fridge?’ And you can tbh. However, you run the risk of your big fridge being too cold and souring the actives and ingredients. Skincare fridges are designed to sit at a temperature that’s more suited to your skincare products so they don’t disrupt the stability and formula. 

So what skincare products can you put in the fridge? 

While it’s all down to personal choice, here are a bunch of products that you can comfortably store in a skincare fridge. Products with active ingredients like vitamin C, retinol and benzoyl peroxide do well in the fridge as they keep them active for longer. ‘Clean’ beauty products that are preservative-free (read: aren’t long-lasting) also keep better in the cooler climate and any that contain probiotics with live cultures. 

We also recommend putting your favourite sheet masks and eye masks in there too, when cooled, they can help with de-puffing and minimise irritation. Keeping a face mists in the beauty fridge during summer is absolute heaven on a hot day. And keeping facial tools like rollers and gua shas in the fridge can help boost the effects of de-puffing and lymphatic drainage when used them in the AM. 

Beauty Mini Fridge, $147.01

Aside from looking incredibly chic on your bathroom vanity, this mini cosmetics fridge is the perfect place to store your moisturises, serums and stone facial tools. The compact mini design features 2 shelves, a door basket.

Reswealrc Skincare Fridge, $102

This little skincare fridge is the perfect way to keep your skincare feeling extra lush during the summer heat. Store sheet masks, aloe and serums in here for an added calming feeling. 

Kelebin Mini 4L Cooling and Heating Refrigerator, $70

It’s widely known that storing your skincare products in a cool, dry place can often help extend the shelf life of your prods so that if you’re keen on getting the most out for your exxy serums and moisturisers, it could be worth investing in one of these babies. 

AstroAI Mini Fridge, $125.01

The AstroAI Mini Fridge is compact, aesthetically pleasing and could be the new home for your skincare. It’s small enough to fit in your bathroom or bedroom and will keep your prods fresh. 

Cooluli Beauty Mint Green Skincare Fridge, $310.58

If you’re an all-out beauty connoisseur, you’re probably going to wanna invest in this bougie mint-green skincare fridge. Specially created for makeup storage, esthetician supplies and skincare tools, come in three chic colours, mint green, pink and white, and has compartments for all your treasures. 

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