Save Your Hair From Humidity With These 3 Easy Steps

Save Your Hair From Humidity With These 3 Easy Steps
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We’ve all fallen victim to a little seasonal humidity. During the Summer months, the moisture from the hot, humid air bonds to the hair shaft, causing it frizz and create the flyaways we all struggle to tame. 

And while some of us can get away with it a little more volume (shout out to my curly-haired friends), the rest of us need to enlist the help of a few anti-frizz hair products and some editor-approved tips to protect our hair from whichever frizz it fancies. 

1. It all starts in the shower

By eliminating as much frizz as possible with a smoothing shampoo/conditioner in the shower, you’re setting yourself up for a good hair day no matter the humidity. Just be sure to dry your hair with the scrunch method (where you scrunch/squeeze your locks dry with a towel or cotton tee instead of roughing it up) to get all the moisture out.  

Our anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner recommendations:

2. Applying anti-frizz products

Anti-frizz hair products like serums, creams and oils work best when applied to wet hair, that way the product can better penetrate the hair cuticle while giving your strands a much need boost of hydration. Once you’ve scrunch dried your hair, work the product through from ends to roots (to avoid product build up on your scalp) and let your hair dry naturally before styling, especially if you’re going to use heating tools. If you’re prone to frizzy hair, it might also be time to embrace your natural texture and learn to style it rather than straightening and having the humidity turn you into a poodle the minute you leave the house. 

Our anti-frizz hair product recommendations:

3. Opt for humidity friendly hairstyles

If you’ve got curly, coily or wavy hair, an effortless way to avoid the frizz is to tie it up — think topknots, high ponytails and braids, anything to keep the fly away’s in check and your hair off your neck

If you’re really fed up with the frizz, you can always opt for an in-salon Keratin treatment. Not only will it help keep your hair frizz-free and glossy, but it’s a time-saver too. It literally cuts your styling time in half… all I’m thinking about is those precious extra minutes of sleep in the AM.

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