Tim Tam Has Four New Flavours, So Screw Your New Year’s Diet

Tim Tam Has Four New Flavours, So Screw Your New Year’s Diet
Image: Arnotts

Arnott’s Tim Tam, the quintessential Australian biscuit, is getting four new flavours this month. Correction, four fancy new flavours.

Tim Tam has expanded into a huge array of new flavours in previous years. Despite this, Australians still have their own definitive favourites. Personally, I can’t go past a Double Coat Tim Tam but will this stop me from trying these four new beauties? Absolutely not.

Tim Tam’s New Flavours

After playing coy for weeks that new flavours would be hitting shelves, Arnott’s has announced the new flavours that will be joining the premium ‘crafted collection‘. They are:

  • Kensington Pride Mango and Cream
  • Moreton Bay Raspberry and Dark Choc
  • Dimbulah Mountain Estate Coffee and Choc
  • Murray River Salted Double Choc

These new Tim Tams are sure to shake up your average Tim Tam slam.

This brings the lineup of crafted Tim Tam flavours to eight. The existing range includes Gisborne Orange and Dark Choc, Murray River Salted Caramel, Sunshine Coast Strawberries and Cream and Manuka Honey and Cream.

For the record, these are different to the Gelato Messina ‘Chill Me’ variety and the Tim Tam Slam variety. Yes, there are a lot of Tim Tams.

It seems Arnott’s is continuing in its tradition of partnering with locally sourced ingredients for its premium range. Of the four, Kensington Pride Mango intrigues me the most. Mangoes are the perfect summer fruit so putting two good things together can’t go wrong, right?

Coffee fans also get their first espresso-themed Tim Tam and those who love the Murray River Salted Camera can now get it in a dark chocolate variety. This is great and all but it still isn’t the triple-coat Tim Tam I’ve been praying for. One can dream.

It seems Aussies aren’t the only ones keen for these new Tim Tams because the comments section is full of folks begging Arnotts to ship these varieties internationally. While Tim Tam did kindly ship care packages to some lucky souls at Christmas, Tim Tams are still notoriously difficult to find in overseas markets.

In Australia, new flavours will hit supermarket shelves nationwide starting January 11th. New Year’s resolutions, be damned.

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