5 Things You’re Forgetting to Negotiate When Accepting a New Job

5 Things You’re Forgetting to Negotiate When Accepting a New Job

Interviewing for a new job can be a daunting time. Exciting, sure! But also daunting. There’s the stress of landing the job to consider, then on top of that there’s the issue of ensuring you’re accepting the right role, and the appropriate salary slash benefits to go with it.

When it comes to negotiating for a new position, most people focus on money as the central point of the conversation. This makes sense. After all, a job is generally performed in exchange for a paid salary – you want to make sure it’s a fair trade.

However, your wage is not the only point you can discuss in a negotiation meeting. Especially in a time like now, where businesses may not actually have the financial security to offer you the salary you’re asking for, it makes sense to think creatively about how to work out the best possible deal with your soon-to-be employer.

To assist in that area, I’ve done some digging and found a handful of areas you can absolutely chat about during the negotiation process.

Here’s what I’ve landed on:

An early wage review date: This one is easy because while it doesn’t cost anyone anything, any it means the once you’ve gone ahead and kicked butt in your role for x amount of months, you can re-make your case for a bigger pay packet.

More time off: If you can’t land the right figure financially, maybe you can work on negotiating a more flexible approach to leave. How valuable are holidays, sick days and maternity/paternity leave to you?

Your job title: As Forbes suggests, you can request to negotiate around your job title, too. Perhaps you can land yourself a title that will be a huge step forward for you career-wise?
Flexible hours (in office and out): Another Forbes point, you have the opportunity to chat about flexibility around the length of your workday, or even just how often you’re expected to be on site. That way, if you aren’t able to get your dream salary, maybe you can work out a more cruisey work schedule.

Work-related budgets: Perhaps you can win yourself a few free lunches per week, or more taxi charges? Office-related costs certainly can pile on up, so it can be well worth it to discuss your allocation at the negotiation stage.

Got any further ideas? Let us know in the comments section.

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