See How Well You Saved in 2020 With This New Banking App

See How Well You Saved in 2020 With This New Banking App
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If saving money is high on your list of 2021 resolutions, you’re probably looking for a few new strategies to kick things off.

While spreadsheets and rounding-off techniques can be helpful, seeing all of your financial activity happen in real-time through an app can be effective – after all, we do organise most of our lives via our phones anyway.

Up bank’s digital app is the highest rated financial app in the country and could be worth checking out for your 2021 financial endeavours.

What does ‘Up’ offer?

Some of the base-level services the Up app offers include easy access to a savings account with a competitive interest rate and an everyday spending account that’s completely managed via the app. You’ll also be charged $0 in account keeping fees, $0 in ATM withdrawal fees and $0 in international withdrawal fees too.

One of the most interesting tools it offers to keep track of your money is a yearly detailed summary of your spending – it’s like a ‘Spotify Year Wrapped’, except your purchases will be presented back to you rather than your favourite tracks.

How does it differ from other banking apps?

Up is a neo-bank, so it operates completely digitally and isn’t confined by the boundaries of traditional banks.

The bank seeks to constantly evolve its services through a crowd-sourcing engine that relies on customers suggestions to improve the system.

It also makes detailed predictions around where customers’ money will go and can recognise repeated charges and then give customers the heads-up a couple of days before they’re due to be charged. They’ve also partnered with Afterpay to recognise the ID of over 55,000 merchants nationwide, making your spending summaries clearer.

Up’s app is rated highly for its easy user experience, and if you’re interested in signing up, you can check out the further features it offers here. 

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