Why You Should Be Sleeping in the Nude

Why You Should Be Sleeping in the Nude

Do you struggle to get a solid night’s sleep? If so, you’re probably aware that poor quality rest and broken sleep patterns are pretty bad for your health. You’ve probably also ready endless lists offering tips for how to improve your bedtime habits. What you may not have heard, however, is that you should be sleeping in the nude.

Yes, that’s right. Starkers. In your birthday suit. Bare bottomed and free.

Why should I sleep naked?

Sleeping nude has a tonne of scientifically proven benefits, though surveys suggest only around 30 per cent of people actually do it. According to Snore Mentor, there are 13 solid reasons you should be stripping down at night.

These span from healthier nether-regions (undies aren’t great for ya) and increased intimacy for partnered people to claims associated with increased weight loss due to cooler sleep temperatures along with healthier hair and skin.

Snore Mentor went on to suggest that nude sleeping can reduce your stress levels, slow down the impacts of ageing (due to better quality sleep) and even boost your immune system.

Is there anything our sleeping naked bods can’t do?

Who should try sleeping nude?

Of course, if you’re used to a certain routine or kind of clothing to wear to bed, sleeping nude could upset that routine. And if you live with parents or have roommates with no sense of personal boundaries it’s probably best to keep your clothes on of an enening — but for everyone else, you really have no excuse. Strip down and get cosy – your body and mind will seemingly love you for it.

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