Find The Right Mattress Size With This Nifty Guide

Find The Right Mattress Size With This Nifty Guide

Shopping for a mattress is a pain in the arse. It’s expensive and it’s hard to gauge which size is appropriate for you and your bedding needs. After all, to the untrained eye, the different mattress sizes can be a tiny bit confusing.

If you’ve ever wondered which mattress to buy, how much bigger a queen is than a double —or what the hell an Alaska King is—Reddit has a helpful graphic that might make the process of buying the correct-sized bed for your home a little less painstaking.

The graphic itself shows the dimensions of common mattresses and estimates the number of people (or dogs or babies) that might fit comfortably on that particular bed, which may or may not be news to you.

Here are some fun mattress facts we learnt from checking out this graphic:

  • A full is, apparently, the same thing as a double.
  • A king is twice the width of a twin.
  • A California King is smaller than a king bed.
  • An Alaska King is huge and can sleep four people comfortably, in case you’re in the market for that.
Image via Reddit

Where does this leave you?

Well, you should measure the square footage of your bedroom (using a measuring tape) and cross-reference it against the dimensions of the mattress size you’re considering. Tuck, a website that reviews sleeping products, provides the square footage of each mattress on its website, too – as part of its larger guide on how to find the appropriately-sized mattress. They also recommend taking into account your sleeping position (sprawling out might mean a larger mattress is best) and budget while shopping.

Of course, you should consider the fact that certain sheets and comforter sizes are harder to come by; chances are you won’t find Wyoming King sheets widely available in stores, so opting for a standard king bed might prove an easier option.

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