The Best Christmas Gifts for Pets and Their Owners

The Best Christmas Gifts for Pets and Their Owners
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The holiday shopping season is here and while you’re madly rushing around for gifts for your nearest and dearest, let’s not forget about our beloved pets.

It’s sometimes hard to think of what to buy a pet that has everything. But instead of letting them rip into the paper on everyone else’s gifts, why not get your pet a gift of their own? Or maybe you need ideas for that pet-obsessed family member to make their lives a little easier.

The team at Baxta has crunched some numbers to bring us some of the best gift suggestions from pet-owners. Baxta helps pet-owners find local pet-friendly services and gives owners a social media profile for their pets – which means no more making a second Facebook account for each of your four-legged friends.

Check out these great gift ideas and consider then pet-owner certified.

Portable Water Bottle

pet water bottle
Image: Zenify

This portable water bottle made by Zenify is a great accessory when taking your dog out on a road trip or to the local park. It has an easy one-button dispenser design that allows you to essentially create a water bowl wherever you go! Plus, if your pet doesn’t drink all of the water at once, you can press the same button and retract the water back into the bottle. They come in a range of colours and sizes, for all pets big and small.

You can grab one for $18.95 at Amazon.

Pet Swimwear

Summer is a great time to take your dog to the beach. But don’t forget they need protection from the sun and ocean nasties as well. For that reason, Huskimo has created a great range of pet rashies that offer UV protection and are comfortable and lightweight. Also on offer are some adorable pet-sized knit sweaters and hoodies, if you want to get the jump on the winter months.

You can check out more of Huskimo’s products online or check for local stockists here.

Plush Toys

Dogs love plush toys, even if they have a tendency to destroy them. Luckily, Kong is tried and true at making the best dog toys for those that chew. Their range of cozi plush toys brings together a cute and cuddly design that is extra durable.

You can check out the cozie plush range and other great Kong products at House and Petbarn.

Surveillance Cameras

Close-up of Nest home surveillance camera from Google Inc installed in a smart home in San Ramon, California, August 21, 2018. (Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images)
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Not as creepy as it sounds. Many pets, and owners, now suffer separation anxiety when they go to work. Utilising a home-surveillance set up is a great way to check on your pet during the day and get that peace of mind. You can check where they are, if they ate their breakfast and whether or not they attacked your postman all from your phone.

Arlo and Nest offer great options for small, easy to use, home surveillance cameras.

Pet Grooming Gloves

If your dog or cat sheds too much a solution is often to brush them regularly. This great pet grooming glove by Pawever helps to remove any excess fur from your pet and catches it in its bristles, so you can easily drop the hair straight into the bin. Plus for the pet, they get a nice little massage too.

You can grab a pack of 2 gloves for $13 at Dick Smith or for $15.59 at Amazon.

If you’d like to continue your Christmas shopping – for humans, perhaps – check out this guide we put together on gifts for disorganised pals.


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