Amazon’s Watch Party Hits Australia, Here’s How to Use It

Amazon’s Watch Party Hits Australia, Here’s How to Use It
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The Coronavirus age has turned the way we spend time “together” onto its head. Instead of fortnightly dinners with family, many of us switched to group zoom sessions and virtual trivia tournaments. It’s been an odd time, that’s for sure.

Anyway. New ways to connect while apart have been a huge part of this year, and we’ve all discovered pretty ingenious methods for keeping a sense of closeness when physical visits are not an option. Amazon Prime Video’s new feature, Watch Party, is another way to do just that.

The added function for the streaming service means members can choose anything available to watch on Prime Video along with a pal/family member/awkward first date while in separate locations.

Prime Video customers can host a Watch Party with synchronized (controlled by the host), and a chat feature where you can argue about opinions or rant about your love of Riz Ahmed while watching Sound of Metal… or whatever.

So how do you use Watch Party?

It’s really very simple, thankfully.

Step 1 is finding something to watch (always tricky – we actually have a hack for this, in fact).
Step 2: Click on the Watch Party icon on your desktop screen for movies. It appears in the episode list for TV shows.
Step 3: Choose a name for the chat feature and add it in. Points for clever names (not literal points, points in my books).
Step 4: Create your Watch Party and invite your pals.

You can invite up to 100 people if you would like to Project X your Watch Party. Friends can join by clicking on the invite link. The host is responsible for pressing play, pausing for bathroom/snack breaks and skipping ahead.

Watch Party comes at no added cost for Amazon Prime members so, you can try it out right away if a group watch session sounds like your thing. It’s worth noting, however, that this feature is only available on desktop for the moment.

Oh, and while I have you – here’s a list of everything available on all your streaming services for December. Hopefully, it’ll give you some inspiration for your next binge-session.

This article has been updated since its original publish date. 

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