5 Quick and Easy Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Super Thoughtful

5 Quick and Easy Christmas Gift Ideas That Are Super Thoughtful
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Christmas is one of the best times of the year – but it can also be the most stressful.

While the joys of moreish lunches, parties and year-end reunions take over your calendar, little time can be left for gift shopping and general life admin and organisation.

After the year that has been, we’re all looking for ways to cut down on stress – buying the perfect gifts for family members, friends and colleagues don’t have to add to the list of inconveniences 2020 has thrown at us.

There are so many ways to craft personalised and special gifts that are sure to wow without spending huge amounts of time.

Here are a few to consider:

Make Sweets and Preserves in Bulk

Food is the universal language of love. If you’re looking to avoid the chaos in shopping centres, opt for spending a Saturday morning in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

Making easy, Christmas-favourite desserts like Rocky Road and shortbread, or jars of berry preserve in bulk is an easy way to inject a little home-made love into a gift that is sure to please everyone.

Wrap them up in festive paper and ribbons, and include handwritten notes for a unique twist too, if you’re looking to make it just that little bit more special.

DIY Craft Gifts

DIY doesn’t have to be draining, or time-consuming. There are so many incredible, thoughtful ways to incorporate a bit of crafty-goodness into a Christmas gift that won’t take too long.

Try your hand at making your very own Bon Bons, stockings or wreaths and fill them up with festive surprises. Anything from sweets, to face masks, card games and even Instant Scratch-Its will work for this. They’re super crowd-pleasing, so they’ll work for any receiver, and the inside will make for that special surprise element too.

You can check out how to make your very own DIY Bon Bon below – it’s only a few steps, and you’ll most likely be able to make one with items you’ve already got around the house.

Anything That’ll Make the New Year More Convenient

Gift vouchers for ride-share services or someone’s favourite takeaway food service are an easy way to elicit a sigh of relief or gratitude from a receiver. It may sound like a generic gift, but saving your giftee money on essentials and offering future convenience is the best kind of adult present you could give.


We’re all subscribed to so many services these days we hardly realise when the monthly fee is deducted from our accounts. In reality, those fees add up, so why not take a bit of the financial load off, whilst also giving a year worth of entertainment to your next gift-receiver.

There are so many services out there catered to niche tastes these days – for example, a Shudder subscription for the horror fan in your life could take a gift from generic to meaningful. There are also plenty of food, skincare and makeup services out there so it doesn’t necessarily have to be a streaming subscription.

Self Care Boxes

While there are plenty of components that go into a self-care hamper or box, usually everything required to make one pop can be purchased from a maximum of two shops.

Buying a large gift box from a discount store and filling it with anything from bath bombs, candles, face masks, chocolates – you name it. If it can be used for a night of indulgence, throw it in there. Fill the box with coloured, festive gift paper, and other decorative measures and it’ll give the gift a more personalised feel.

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