Will You Crave These Boozy Caramel Grapes?

Will You Crave These Boozy Caramel Grapes?

One of my favourite autumn traditions involves arguing about caramel apples with my New Englander of a boyfriend. He — a man who is wrong — thinks being from Connecticut gives him special insight into what autumn “is.” He insists that candy apples — which are hard to eat and stupid — are superior.

Jokes on him, however, because he doesn’t know how to make candy apples, and I refuse to make anything but caramel; in this way, this house remains a caramel apple house. Recently though, I’ve considered expanding to make room in my home (and mouth, and heart) for some vodka-soaked, caramel-dipped green grapes. They are sweet, they are tart, they are coated in peanuts. I love them.

And, yes, it may seem like I gave away the ending of this video, but many questions remain: Does the vodka come through? Do all forms of caramel work? Should you wash the grapes first? Those are just a few of the riddles that will be answered therein.

I think this recipe was designed to serve as a party snack, but we’re not having many parties these days. Luckily, it works equally as well as a “sitting on the couch by yourself snack,” a “Monday night” snack, or a “hiding under a bridge” snack. You don’t even have to wait for the caramel to set. Just stab a grape with a toothpick, dip it in caramel, press it into a pile of chopped peanuts, and shove it in your mouth. I won’t call it “elegant,” but it is straightforward, it is delicious, and it is not coated in a too-hard, overly-sweet candy shell.

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