Tell Santa That a Tim Tam Scented Candle Exists Now

Tell Santa That a Tim Tam Scented Candle Exists Now

I am here to tell you that there is another way to enjoy the Aussie classic that is the Tim Tam. It’s not a new flavour, but it is a new flavour for your nose. That’s right, Arnott’s has created a Tim Tam scented candle.

While I know you are all keen to get your hands on a chocolate-biscuit-smelling candle, I have news for you. This new Tim Tam candle is very exclusive. It’s being released as part of a limited edition Tim Tam care package that Arnott’s is sending to some of the 25,000 Australians who are currently stuck overseas. Due to COVID-19 restrictions on travel, many of these Aussies won’t make it home in time for Christmas.

The care package includes a Tim Tam keep cup, Tim Tam woolly socks, Tim Tam biscuits and the very special Tim Tam scented candle so far off Aussies can make their temporary homes smell like that Tim Tam goodness. While, unfortunately, you currently cannot buy one of these in stores, you can win one for a friend.

How to win a Tim Tam care pack

Arnott’s will be sending 100 of these care packages to stranded Aussies. The company is asking those with friends or loved ones who can’t come home this Christmas to them in the comments on their Facebook or Instagram post. To enter, all you have to do is tag your person and explain why they deserve an ultimate indulgence kit from Tim Tam. According to the T&C’s the responses will be judged on creativity and not by chance. So don’t just throw in any random response!

The competition ends on Friday, November 20 at 5pm AEST.

It’s a pretty sweet gesture from the Tim Tam team, but it would be nice if these packages could be bought as well as won. There are far more than 100 Australians overseas and this would be a pretty neat Christmas gift to send to those who aren’t lucky enough to win one.

Whether the unique Tim Tam candle will become more widely available is another question, but we can dream.

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