How to Watch Palm Springs and Other Hulu Originals in Australia

How to Watch Palm Springs and Other Hulu Originals in Australia
Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti in 'Palm Springs'.

We all know this story well. Hot new film or series is created. Said film or series is promoted all over the Interwebs. Aussie audiences become intrigued; our interest is piqued. Then when it comes to release time, little old Australia has to wait an aeon for access – or we just miss out entirely.

It’s a sad story, and although it happens less often these days, it’s still not uncommon. Especially when it comes to Hulu originals. The streaming service has been pumping out some top-notch content lately. But, alas, dear friends – Hulu is not available in Australia.

In some cases, unfortunately, that does mean eyeballs down under can only see certain projects through a VPN. But not always.

So, what’s available in Australia?

Two of Hulu’s most hotly advertised original films, Palm Springs and Happiest Season are coming ‘Straya’s way.

In case you haven’t yet heard Palm Springs, starring Andy Samberg alongside Cristin Milioti, was an instant smash across the U.S.. Folks were praising it for its fresh take on the rom-com genre, it also broke records earlier this year for the biggest sale in the history of the Sundance Film Festival. And if you want more proof it’s a solid watch, the film has nabbed a 94% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

While at first, we were left with a giant serve of FOMO as the States got to soak up this sweet film, things are changing now. As of November 20, Palm Springs will be available to watch on Amazon Prime in Australia.

Similarly, Kirsten Stewart’s latest project, Happiest Season, has burst onto our social media feeds as the Christmas movie to watch this year.

The film features Stewart alongside Mackenzie Davis and Dan Levy and follows the story of partners Abby (Stewart) and Harper (Davis) as they hide their relationship from Harper’s conservative family over Christmas.

If you saw this then cursed the heavens because – gasp – it’s another Hulu original, do not fret. The flick is making its way to cinemas (yes, real ones) on November 26.

Our wins this year have been minimal, friends. So, getting access to these two films is a pretty big one, if you ask me.

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