Cope With Gardening Withdrawal By Starting an Indoor Herb Garden

Cope With Gardening Withdrawal By Starting an Indoor Herb Garden

If you were one of the many people who really embraced gardening during the pandemic (or have been an avid gardener for years), you may find yourself going through seasonal withdrawal when it comes to your favourite stress-reducing hobby.

Those who live in areas with a harsher climate always knew this time was coming, but that doesn’t make it any easier to fill the garden-shaped hole in their daily routine. Fortunately, there is something small you can do that can help you cope with this part of the year: Starting an indoor herb garden. (You may already have one of these, but you can always expand.) Here’s what to know.

How to start an indoor herb garden

Let’s begin with some advice from Lifehacker’s Senior Health Editor Beth Skwarecki, who suggests starting off with actual herb plants — not seeds:

My best advice for beginner herb gardeners is this: Don’t try to start your herbs from seed. They take forever. You can buy pots of herbs at any garden store or grocery store, eat a few leaves when you get home, and declare yourself a successful gardener minutes later, because look! You have an herb garden!

After that, your job is to keep the little herb plants alive. As Rachel Fairbank wrote for Lifehacker back in May, a lot of that comes down to making sure the plant is getting the sunlight, water and soil it needs:

Keeping a plant alive requires giving it the appropriate amount of sunlight and water, as well as the right soil and nutrients. How much of each will depend on the particular plant, and too much or too little will lead to yet another death. The key to is to research what your particular plant needs and figure out the right way to provide it and how to recognise the warning signs that something is out of whack if you’re doing it wrong. Although this sounds simple, it does take a bit of practice to get right (sorry, starter plants).

Even if you’re a semi-experienced gardener at this point, if you’ve never grown plants indoors, these tips may come in handy. If nothing else, you’ll get to continue the experience of nurturing plants and watching them grow, even when it’s gross outside. Plus, you’ll have your very own fresh herb selection to brighten up your holiday meals.

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