There’s More to Home Security Cameras Than Preventing Breaks-Ins

There’s More to Home Security Cameras Than Preventing Breaks-Ins
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While installing security cameras in your home is an ideal way to keep yourself alert of any break-ins or unexpected activity, there are more benefits to them than you might realise.

If you’re looking to protect your home and your family in more ways than one, installing a security camera goes a long way to providing peace of mind.

Because we’re living in the age of tech, a wire-free, rechargeable security camera can easily help you keep tabs on your house through your phone or computer, whether you’re just around the corner or sitting in another country. All you need to do is to make sure the internet-connected device is securely set up so no one else can gain unauthorised access.

The number one reason people install security cameras is to ward off unwanted visitors, aka, burglars. Between 2018 and 2019, about 2.3 per cent or 231,000 Aussie households were broken into. And, it takes 75 per cent of burglars less than five minutes to enter a property. Yikes.

If they see a camera they’re less likely to enter a home as the chances of getting caught drastically increase. Even if the burglars manage to bypass the security system, the cameras can aid the police in catching those involved in the theft. In fact, making an insurance claim becomes easier with strong video evidence — footage from your security camera — to back up your report.

But that’s not all security cameras can do for you

The top reason for installing security cameras isn’t the only reason. They can help you worry less about a lot of other aspects of your home life.

If you have elderly relatives living with you or young children being taken care of by a babysitter, you can keep an eye on them even from far away, as long as there’s mutual consent and everybody’s aware of the cameras in place.

Many modern cameras come with a host of features including easy wireless setup, HD video, two-way talk, face recognition, mobile alerts and free recording that’ll help keep your worries at bay. Cameras from Swann Security can even be controlled through a few finger taps via the company’s free smartphone app.

In cases where the camera itself is stolen, your recorded clips are also uploaded to the secure cloud for safekeeping, so you don’t have to worry about footage being taken with the device. You can also get extra cloud capacity, additional alerts, extended warranty and more via their optional service plans.

While keeping an eye on your loved ones is all well and good, your furry friends can also benefit from these devices. It might not always be possible to pay someone to watch them all day long as it can get expensive real quick. If you’re at work, out for a grocery run or at a dinner, you can keep an eye on your pets from your phone and rush home if anything seems amiss.

All in all, you get your peace of mind from more angles than one.

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