KFC Has Released Red And Blue Buns For The State Of Origin

KFC Has Released Red And Blue Buns For The State Of Origin

Do you like rugby league? Have you got a particular allegiance to either NSW or Queensland? Do you enjoy watching very fit people play elite level sport while eating junk food? Do you look at normal food and wish it were a less palatable colour, like an unnatural blue or a violent red?

If you answered yes to most of those questions, then boy does KFC have the burger for you. For a limited time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the State of Origin series, KFC is introducing a new burger called the Origin Recipe Burger.

For the most part, it is a fairly standard KFC burger: Original Recipe chicken fillets loaded up with cheesy mustard sauce, fresh lettuce and cheese. It sounds like a delightful heart attack ready to take your mind off your hangover.

Where things get weird is in the bun, which will be either a vibrant red (which isn’t too weird a colour for bread) or blue (which looks perfect for Halloween and asphyxiation) to show your support for your preferred State of Origin team.

KFC Origin Recipe Burgers - Mark Carroll and Aidan Guerra (6)
Mark Carroll and Aidan Guerra hold KFC’s oddly coloured KFC Origin Recipe Burgers

It’s a bit odd to be sure, but the longer you look at the buns, the more they start to look cool rather than vaguely disturbing.

This year’s State of Origin will look a bit different compared to other years, which may as well be the tagline for 2020 at this point. The men’s series will kick off on November 4 at Adelaide Oval, with game two on November 11 in Sydney and game three on November 18 in Brisbane.

The women’s series will sadly only have one game on November 13 on the Sunshine Coast.

The traditional way to show your support, of course, is to wear a shirt or scarf. But scoffing down some delicious KFC chicken is certainly another way to go.

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