How to Get Your Hands on Everything Google Announced Today

How to Get Your Hands on Everything Google Announced Today

Google’s “Launch Night In” gave us an overview of the company’s upcoming hardware releases, including two 5G Pixel phones, a new Nest Audio speaker, and an updated Chromecast with a dedicated remote.

Ironically, everything announced was leaked or heavily rumoured ahead of time, so there weren’t any surprises. Some of these devices were even accidentally released on store shelves earlier than expected — so you might already have a brand-new Chromecast. But if you weren’t among the few who chanced upon one of these early drops, here’s when you can grab the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G phones, new Chromecast with Google TV, and Nest Audio smart speaker.

Pixel 5

The Pixel 5 is the first flagship Google smartphone to feature 5G connectivity. It launches in the U.S. on October 15 with other regions following after. It starts at $999, and you can preorder it from Google’s online store right now.

Pixel 4a 5G

Don’t want to spend $999 on the Pixel 5? Then the $799 Pixel 4a 5G might be more your style, but you’ll have to wait a bit. It arrives in November for most countries (October 15 for Japan), and preorders aren’t available yet. You can, however, join the waitlist for the phone on its Google Store page.

Chromecast with Google TV

The new Chromecast is a tiny, 4K and HDR-enabled streamer, but this iteration includes a dedicated remote for the first time, and will be the first device to feature the all-new Google TV interface. It’s available now in the U.S. for $US49 ($68). The Google Store also has a short-term deal where you can bundle 6 months of Netflix with your new Chromecast for just $US90 ($126).

Editor’s Note: The Chromecast does not appear to be available in Australia yet.

Nest Audio

Google’s new Nest Audio speaker is loud AF (or so Google suggests). You can test those claims for yourself when the Nest Audio launches on October 5. A preorder will set you back $149 on the Google Store.

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