Don’t Pop Pimples In The ‘Triangle Of Death’ On Your Face

Don’t Pop Pimples In The ‘Triangle Of Death’ On Your Face

Unless you’ve got incredible willpower, it’s very difficult to resist the temptation to pummel a huge zit in the centre of your face. However we all know that popping pimples is never a good idea, especially if they’re located in the so-called ‘triangle of death’.

What Is The ‘Triangle Of Death’?

Speaking to Health, dermatologist Joshua Zeichner explained what this mystifying ‘triangle of death’ actually is: “The area of the face connected the nose to the corners of the mouth is thought to be a particularly dangerous area because of their close connection to the brain.”

Dr. Zeichner said we’ve all got a cavernous sinus – a “large vein that drains blood to the brain, creating a connection from our outside to our inside.” Because of this vein, an infected pimple in the ‘triangle of death’ has a pathway to your brain.

“In the event that you pick a pimple and an infection develops, the worst-case scenario is that the infection spreads from the skin through this sinus [and] has the potential to infect the brain and even spread through the bloodstream to the entire body,” he told Health.

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How Do You Pop A Pimple Safely?

We’ve covered how to pop pimples like a pro in the past. You can read more about it here, but essentially it involves figuring out if your zit is worth popping, preparing the pimple, keeping everything clean, popping it with tools and precision, and using a topical corticosteroid.

Dr. Zeichner also told Health, “if you are going to pop your pimples, do not do it right before bed when you are tired. Think of it like a sterile surgical procedure.”

However, the safest way to sort out your zits is to go and see a doctor or certified dermatologist. It might be more expensive that self-squeezing, but it sure beats having a run-in with the terrifying ‘triangle of death’.

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