Vodafone Is Offering Cheap Phone Plans With Heaps of Data, So Get Cracking

Vodafone Is Offering Cheap Phone Plans With Heaps of Data, So Get Cracking
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If you’re looking for a cheap phone plan with heaps of data, Vodafone has you covered. The telco is offering 50GB plans for just $35 a month. Considering that Vodafone usually flogs 10GB data for $40, this is a pretty damn good deal. And if you really want to go hard, it also has 100GB data plans for just $45 a month.

Cheap Vodafone phone plan

There’s actually a few cheap Vodafone phone plans floating around at the moment:

  • $35 with 50GB data per month
  • $40 with 60GB data per month
  • $45 with 100GB data per month
  • $55 with 200GB data per month

They all come with a 3-month subscription to Amazon Prime Video  — we recommend you watch the first season of Harley Quinn immediately.

It’s worth noting that these deals are only applicable for the first 12 months. After that the prices will go back to normal. However, they’re contract-free plans so you can always bounce once the deal expires. ALSO, there is a cheeky way to get the discount for the life of the plan, which we’ll cover below.

Here’s the widget for the plan:

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I want a phone too, please

If you’re looking for a phone as well, Vodafone’s cheap phone plans can be paired with one. And if you opt for an iPhone 12 you will get the plan discount for the entire life of the plan, rather than the first 12 months only.

And here’s a widget with all the iPhone 12 models. If you pair the plan with a new phone, you get the discount for the life of your plan, rather than just 12 months. Here’s what that might look like for you::

How to get Vodafone cheaper

You can actually knock down these prices even further by bundling multiple services on your account. Vodafone will take 5 per cent off your total monthly bill for every postpaid plan (after your first) that you have across mobile, tablet, mobile broadband and NBN). This can go up to a maximum of 20 per cent off the total monthly bill, which would be five total services.

Vodafone NBN

And since many of us are still stuck at home right now, it’s worth mentioning that Vodafone is also in the NBN game. The telco has only offered broadband plans for a few years so you might not be sure if they’re actually any good. Fortunately we took a close look at them so you don’t have to open 400 tabs to compare them yourself. You can read it right here.

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