5 Apps That’ll Help Keep Your Plants Alive

5 Apps That’ll Help Keep Your Plants Alive

If you’re anything like me, you’re seconds away from being jailed as a plant murderer. Most, if not all the plants I usually buy are living on borrowed time. But, in all honestly, I cannot stop buying more. So, to try and avoid the extreme plant carnage, here’s a list of apps that will not only help you save your plant, but will teach you how to be a good plant mother.

PictureThis – Plant Identifier

This app can pretty much do it all. With a simple photo, PictureThis identifies the type of plant you have, listing different images and information on the history of the plant. PictureThis breaks down your plants characteristics from bloom time to lifespan, while also detailing the plants ideal watering schedule and living conditions. You can also add your plant (and it’s name!) to you own virtual garden. While the base app is free, a yearly fee of $39.99/year allows access to their exclusive plant encyclopedia and it’s in-house botanist team for any extra help.

NatureID: Plant Identifier

Similar to that of PictureThis, NatureID utilises photos of your plants in order to deliver the information you need. What sets it apart, is its almost so accurate it’s creepy, ability of diagnosing any issues with your plant. As NatureID’s bread and butter, the function allows users to get the quickest diagnosis and solution to ensure your plants speedy recovery. The app also features some fun holiday tips to make sure you plant-filled holiday season turns out best.

Plant Life Balance

Utilising a rating system backed by scientific research from RMIT University, this app allows users to better decorate their space with plants. With this app, you can take a photo of any indoor or outdoor space and see what plants will help upgrade your air quality and wellbeing. You can then find the nearest nursery to secure the plants you want. You can even rate your current space to see how you can improve it! There’s even a plant guide with care tips from The Planthunter to make sure your plants sing.

PlantSnap: Identify Plants

PlantSnap is an easy-to-use guide for anyone who needs a quick plant rolodex in their pocket. This app features over 600,000 plants and plant species to go through, granting users all the information they could need. It’s also quite easy to use, which is bonus for every consumer. There’s even a PlantSnapper Social Feed for anyone who wants to connect with other like-minded plant parents looking for extra connection and support.

Gardenia – Plant Organizer

Gardenia is the perfect app for anyone who’s hard of remember their gardening tasks. The app will help you easily organise watering times for your plants, as well as other gardening-related tasks easy to forget. It’ll also set a reminder, so if you think you’ll still forget, think again. Gardenia also features a weather monitor that will alert you to any weather changes in your area, from humidity changes to rain and sunshine.

With any of these five incredibly useful apps, you can make sure to keep your plants happy and healthy. And if you’re someone who’s looking to build that green thumb, you’ll want to take any of the help you can get.

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