5 Things To Do In Tasmania Now You Can Go There

5 Things To Do In Tasmania Now You Can Go There
In Tasmania, everywhere looks like a Windows wallpaper. Photo credit: Alice Clarke

After months of being cut off from the mainland, Tasmania is about to open its borders to the non-plague states of Australia. To celebrate, here are five things you can start dreaming about doing on your next holiday to Tasmania, the only place you can travel over a sea to get to without having to quarantine.


This is the obvious one, but the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart is one of those must-see cultural experiences in Australia. It shows what extremely rich people can do if they decide to use their money for beauty rather than evil. It has everything including breathtaking traditional paintings, an obese luxury car, and a macabre and solemn room housing two Ancient Egyptian mummies.

There’s also a spectacular winery and delicious restaurant on site.

There are two ways to get there from Hobart proper – drive a fairly long way, or take a scenic ferry where you can sit on a sheep statue and enjoy café food.

The museum is closed currently, but you can still dream about visiting it one day, once we’ve worked out this whole pandemic thing a bit more.

Salamanca Market

Salamanca Market is one of Australia’s best outdoor markets that sells everything from food made from locally grown produce, to handcrafted clothes and art. My personal favourite stall is the one selling mulled apple juice. It’s so delicious and warm, and you can get it with just a little cinnamon, or one with chilli and lemon juice and cinnamon, and it is literally the best drink of all time. I still dream about it sometimes.

Visit a vineyard or raspberry farm

Apparently, when unable to be distracted by live sport or international music tours, a place gets supernaturally good at making food and wine. Tasmania is basically overflowing with incredible farms, vineyards and restaurants that would be delicious to visit. If you’re particularly good at throwing a rock at least one kilometre with exceptional accuracy, you’re always just a stone’s throw away from a raspberry farm that’ll let you pick and sample the fruit, a vineyard with a stocked cellar door and delicious cheese selection, or a restaurant with food so good it’ll make you cry a little.

Port Arthur

Port Arthur has a long and terrible history, and is one of the most significant convict era sites worldwide. It is full of beautiful buildings and breathtaking vistas where you can feel the history. The huge 100 acre site has ruins and buildings dating back to the 1830s. If it’s not spooky enough for you during the day, the site also offers ghost tours at night which feel really eerie.

Go hiking

Tasmania is just covered in spectacular national parks, waiting for you to discover all kinds of natural wonders. Whether you want to be by the bay, looking out at magnificent vistas on a cliff, or wandering through an incredible old growth forest, there really is some nature for everyone. Plus, not only will it all be super good for your fitness, but you’ll be able to get some pretty amazing shots for Instagram. Win win.

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