Victa Has Unveiled a Robot Lawn Mower So You Can Just Sit Back With a Bevvy

Victa Has Unveiled a Robot Lawn Mower So You Can Just Sit Back With a Bevvy
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If you’ve ever had a grass-filled backyard, you’ll know it’s a pain to maintain. If only there was a way to automate it all… Victa, perhaps hearing you think out loud, now has an answer — the robot lawn mower.

Like a Roomba for your overgrown yard, Victa is releasing their first robotic lawn mower, the Victa Robot Mower RM100, so you can simply flick it on and sit back with a cuppa or some fun juice.

It works fairly simply too. Using an LCD touch screen, you can program the mower to cut your grass just the way you like it and choose how often you’d like it to do the job and at what time of the day.

robot lawn mower brr brr
Image: Victa

It’s fitted with a battery-powered motor so unlike other lawn mowers that shake the Earth’s very core when they’re fired up, this one could probably clip blades at night too, if that was your prerogative.

Proving it’s a smart little unit, it also has sensors, like your robot vacuum, to avoid bumping into things. Like some psychic, the RM100 can also detect rain and returns back to its sheltered docking stage to complete the job once the weather clears up. Technology, huh.

To get it going, you have to set up some boundary wires and then the little chugga works its magic cutting all the lawn within the designated area.

Delegating the lawn mowing task to a robot won’t come cheap though — it’ll set you back a cool $1,299.

If you feel that’s worth the investment, you’ll be able to get your very own by mid-September and it’ll be available in Bunnings (of course).


  • And what about the children? It’s great that it can detect rain and avoid walls and drains etc; but how about childrens fingers or toes? Or what if I decide to go for a walk in my garden of an evening barefoot? Unlike a roomba; this has blades right? It’s not going around sucking up grass…

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