The Best Advent Christmas Calendars for 2020 That Aren’t Cardboard Chocolate

The Best Advent Christmas Calendars for 2020 That Aren’t Cardboard Chocolate
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Nobody wants to start the Christmas season early but 2020 has forced us to look forward to something nice for a change. If that means playing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” and pre-ordering advent calendars in September, so be it.

If you’re in the tradition of counting down the days until the state-sanctioned day of gift giving, you’ll want to organise your advent calendar purchases a little earlier this year to ensure they arrive on time.

Here’s our pick of the best ones you can grab that aren’t bargain bin chocolates.

A Lego advent calendar

lego advent calendar
Image: Lego

While edible advent calendars are sometimes joyous, it feels more practical to be making something every day and that’s where a Lego advent calendar can come in hand. This one celebrates a fan favourite, Harry Potter, and by Christmas time you’ll have a magical lineup of Lego characters and props.

Price: $44.99

Body Shop

body shop
Image: Body Shop

Treating yourself to some luxury body lotions, creams and things of that nature is a great way to unwind into the hectic holiday season. If that sounds like your kind of fun, this Body Shop advent calendar will do the job.

Price: $100

Super Mario

super mario advent calendar
Image: Nintendo

Who doesn’t love the famous Italian plumber that’s been in our lives for decades? You’ll get little figurines and some accessories with this one so it’s a nice way to bring in the season.

This one’s coming from the US so it’s best to sort it out as early as you can.

Price: $76.46 plus delivery.


Image: NBC

Remember, Friends? Of course you do. This is the one where you buy the advent calendar and relive all your favourite moments from the show.

You’ll have to wait until 21 October before you can get it but you can pop in a pre-order to make sure it gets sent to you ASAP.

Price: $35.52 plus delivery.

Classic Disney books

disney story book advent calendar
Image: Disney

If you’re all about nostalgia this year, you might want to dig into something wholesome from your childhood memories. There’s an advent calendar for classic Disney story lovers, offering you 24 holiday-themed books in the lead up to the big day.

Price: $29.60 plus delivery.

Vintage & Co.

vco advent calendar
Image: Vintage & Co.

If you like hand creams but can’t afford the boujee luxury of Body Shop’s offering, Vintage & Co. might be your answer. You’ll get hand creams, fragrances and all sorts of sense-tingling products for a reasonable price.

Price: $19.24 plus delivery.

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