The 20 Most In-Demand Jobs in Australia Right Now

The 20 Most In-Demand Jobs in Australia Right Now
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Having a job, let alone a stable one, in Australia right now is something of a privilege. The country’s GDP has dropped off an economic cliff, effective unemployment is at an all-time high high and new job postings are lower than previous years. Despite the gloom the world’s facing, there are some jobs high in demand in Australia.

Job search site, Seek, has released a snapshot of the few areas bucking the downward trend caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the top of the list, surprising few, are roles in nursing, though the demand has remained steady since February when the pandemic first broke out domestically and internationally.

Following roles in nursing were ones in warehousing and distribution, aged and disability support and automotive trades, which all experienced increases in demand as the economy’s priorities shifted.

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Administration and sales jobs made it to the top 10 but also, expectedly, faced a drop in demand.

While the data provides insight into what sort of roles need to be filled, it doesn’t provide a full picture. With the effective unemployment rate hovering above 10 per cent and job listings slowly recovering from the March-April plummet, it means the competition for each role is fierce.

If you’re wanting to look at the data at a more granular level, Seek provides a breakdown of the job ads posted by particular industries.

For the August period, the data shows the highest job ad growth nationally were for site managers, customer service roles and financial accountants.

Areas still facing outbreaks and subsequent restrictions, such as Victoria, remained at 45 per cent of pre-COVID levels in February but still showed a 59 per cent improvement on April’s levels.

It’s tough out there and the latest news suggests it’ll be a while before we see the situation improve. For now, we can only look to the data to help guide some of the decisions we make in the meantime.

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