In Keeping With the 2020 Theme, Tinder Is Hosting a Post-Apocalyptic Dating Night

In Keeping With the 2020 Theme, Tinder Is Hosting a Post-Apocalyptic Dating Night
Image: Tinder

The world is about to come to an end and you need to make some critical choices to find yourself the perfect match. That’s the theme of Tinder’s interactive choose-your-own-adventure event launching for the first time in Australia this weekend.

For three weeks, Tinder’s bringing a new feature to single Aussies so that a fun and adventure-filled night on the town is possible right at home amid pandemic concerns.

It’s going to be a whole lot of drama plus some more drama and we love to see it.

What is Swipe Night?

Swipe Night is essentially an in-app interactive story where you’ll be able to choose your own adventure. The end result of the story will determine who you’re matched with and needless to say, the outcome will be different for different people.

Jim Lanzone, CEO of Tinder, explained why the need for an event like this is so important for people during the pandemic.

“When lockdowns began, we saw an immediate increase in our members’ engagement on Tinder, so we know we play an important role in their stay-at-home experience,” Lanzone said in a media release.

“While the global health crisis continues, we believe Swipe Night can bring a welcome change of pace to our members around the world. We’re committed to driving innovation on Tinder that creates more ways to bring our members together, entertain them, and help them meet and get to know new people.”

Swipe Night first launched in the US at the end of 2019 and saw matches increase by 26 per cent and messages increase by 12 per cent compared to a typical weekend.

What will happen during the Swipe Night event?

Tinder members will play the protagonist in the story which is played out during the final hours before an asteroid hits Earth. Along the way, you’ll be challenged with ‘moral dilemmas and practical choices’ that will determine what happens next and who you’ll end up with once the event comes to an end.

While you might think you’ll get enough time to make these important decisions, you’re unfortunately wrong. All you’ll have is seven seconds. Each week, key choices will be added to your Tinder profile to help with post-apocalyptic banter and icebreakers. You’ll have the option to keep the results private if you go to settings.

How do I participate and find myself a match?

The Swipe Night event will take place in-app and you’ll receive a notification to join the experience starting 12 September. The launch includes three episodes here in Australia. The live times and dates are as follows:

  • Saturday 12 September starting at 10:00 – Sunday 13th at 23:59
  • Saturday 19 September starting at 10:00 – Sunday 20th at 23:59
  • Saturday 26 September staring at 10:00 – Sunday 27th at 23:59

Based on your decisions and results as the interactive story plays out, you’ll be suggested matches of people who made similar choices.

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