If You Love Overfilling Tacos, Here’s How to Scoff Them With Limited Spillage

If You Love Overfilling Tacos, Here’s How to Scoff Them With Limited Spillage

I love tacos. The soft type only, sorry Old El Paso girl. Even though I’ve stuffed them with the filling countless times, I always manage to overfill them and overfilling means mess. Until I discovered a new taco trick I’m willing to share.

If you’re a fellow soft taco or tortilla lover, you’ll know the drill. Adding your mixture of beans, mince, or whatever you’re adding, is an art.

Too much and you’ll have an overflowing mess. Too little and you’ll feel like you short-handed yourself. Getting that sweet spot in the middle is a fine line.

I fall into the former category often, always adding too much sauce, mixture and garnishings and then struggling to actually keep it in my little taco or tortilla fold.

But I discovered a different way to overfill my taco and still keep it relatively in tact.

I’m half South American, not Mexican, so I’ll need to apologise to my northern brethren for potentially committing this food sin but I’ve discovered that holding the taco in an ‘X’ shape keeps all the goods in the bundle and off my plate, which was acting as a drip tray.

To do that, you’ll need to employ both hands, of course. Grab your overfilled taco and push into the centre to push it out into the right shape. You’ll have to eat it strategically to make sure the fillings don’t spill out but it’s better than dealing with the seesaw that comes with regular taco eating.

Look, if you’re eating the taco in public, it might get a few strange looks or laughs but you know what will get more? Spilling it all over your shirt.

It’s potentially my ‘Bill Shorten eating a democracy sandwich‘ moment but it means less cleaning up and I’m fine with that outcome.

And you’re welcome.

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