How to Watch Apple’s Special Event Tomorrow in Australia

How to Watch Apple’s Special Event Tomorrow in Australia

Despite a number of hiccups along the way, Apple’s much-anticipated ‘Special Event’ for September is just around the corner. It was expected the new iPhone 12 series would be unveiled but rumours are persisting that other new fruity gadgets will be announced instead, including a new iPad and Apple Watch. Let’s dive in.

What time is the Apple special event?

Apple’s special event — usually considered the iPhone event — will happen at 10am on 15 September at its headquarters in California.

For Australians, that dastardly time will translate to the wee hours of Wednesday 16 September. If you’re living in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Hobart, the time is 3am. In Adelaide and Darwin, it’s 2.30am and for Perth, it’s a slightly more palatable 1am.

As always, it’ll take some real commitment for Australians to watch the announcements live.

What is Apple announcing at the event?

As we’ve mentioned, it was initially anticipated that we’ll get our first official look at the upcoming iPhone 12 series. Setbacks due to trade wars between the US and Chinese government on top of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have meant the iPhone 12 series might not be ready in time. It’s now rumoured Apple will hold two separate events to account for this delay.

This September Apple may choose to focus on other releases such as a new iPad and Apple Watch, while a later October event would dive into the iPhone 12 series.

A key clue that this will focus on non-iPhone releases is Apple’s cryptic event invite. The promotional material features the Apple logo drawn with a single continuous line and the words “Time flies”.

apple special event iphone 12
The symbol for 2020’s September special event. Image: Apple

According to 9to5Mac, the September event will focus on the new iPad Air 4 — a new model that’ll fit between the iPad and iPad Pro price and specs.

Given the “time flies” clue, it might also mean the curtain will be pulled on the Apple Watch Series 6. Little is really known about what new features it’ll have but leaks have suggested it’ll focus on expanding its health and heart monitoring capabilities — something Australians have still yet to get.

If the iPhone 12 really will be unveiled in a separate event, it’s still possible we’ll get a few sneak peeks about what’s on the way.

We’ll know within the week what road Apple has decided to travel down.

How to stream Apple’s 2020 Special Event live

Like every other year, Apple will be offering a livestream for anyone around the world to tune in to. You can head to the Apple Event page and patiently await its start. For anyone who prefers YouTube, it’ll also be available there.

This article has been updated since its original publication. 

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