How Do You Know When Blue Cheese Is Off

How Do You Know When Blue Cheese Is Off

With its distinctive taste and greenish-blue blotchy facade covering a cream to white body, blue cheese already has the makings of food that’s gone bad. However, there are ways to tell if the leftover block in your fridge has spoiled or not.

When paired with the right kind of food, blue cheese can be a delight. Pears, apples, figs, nuts all help balance that slightly awkward and tangy taste that has made many of us cringe one time or another. But let’s assume you’ve learned to like it otherwise you wouldn’t be wondering whether the block of cheese in your fridge is still okay to eat or not.

Cheese gone bad is never easy on your tummy and can cause severe stomach ache, diarrhea and vomiting among other symptoms. But if it already looks nasty and smells it too, how can you tell when blue cheese is off?

Analyse it for mould

Not all moulds are harmful given blue cheese itself is made of a greenish-blue strain. But if you notice a different green or blue mould start to grow, or anything that’s not the same colour to the cheese you originally bought, chuck it in the bin.

That’s not the only telling sign

To check whether your blue cheese is past its prime, looking out for mould isn’t the only tell-tale sign. If you notice a layer of slime forming on the surface or a small puddle of moisture gather within the wrapper, know that it’s unwanted bacterial activity and you should trash your cheese immediately.

You can also give your cheese a little sniff to check if it’s gone off. If it smells funny, or has a sharp smell of ammonia, it’s time to discard and hit the store again.

How to store blue cheese properly

If you want your blue cheese to last longer, it’s important to store it properly. It can last in the fridge for three to four weeks if wrapped in parchment or wax paper first and then loosely in a plastic wrap.

Alternatively, you can cut it into smaller portions, wrap these up tightly in freezer paper or freezer bags and freeze them.

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