How to Turn Your Living Room Into a Cinema for the Luxe Home Theatre Vibe

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If you’re someone who loves going to the movies, heading to the cinema isn’t the easy option it used to be. But just because you can’t go to the movies, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring the movies to you.

We’ve put together a few gift suggestions that will help turn your living room into your own personal cinema. With these ideas, you can give your home theatre set up a little upgrade or help to open up the possibilities of what you can watch.

TaoTronics sound bar ($49.99)

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If you want to give your home theatre set up a little more oomph, this sound bar is a great budget option. Just plug this slimline speaker into your television, and you’ll help give whatever you’re watching an extra sound boost.

Just make sure your TV has a 3.5mm audio output, otherwise you won’t be able to hook up the speaker. If that is the case, that problem is easily solved with a 3.5mm female to 2 RCA male cable.

Indiana Jones: The Complete Collection (Blu-ray) ($37.09)

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With the release of new movies staggered, now is the perfect time to dive back into the classics. Especially when so many of them have bee remastered in high definition, making them look the best they ever have. And what better option than Indiana Jones? The classic adventure series has never looked better, it belongs in a museum.

Chromecast ($56) or Chromecast Ultra ($98)

chromecast home cinema
Image: Google

With an easy set up and simple interface, Google’s Chromecast is a great option to upgrade your home cinema set up. It will let you stream apps or services like Binge, Kayo Sports or Youtube straight to your TV. Pair it with a Google Home, and you’l never have to get off the couch again.

If you’re a stickler for video fidelity and need to have everything playing in the best quality possible, you’ll want to go the extra step and get a Chromecast Ultra. This will let you cast content in 4K Ultra HD or HDR.

Fire TV Stick ($69) and Prime Video ($6.99/month)

fire tv stick home cinema
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Another casting device that’s easy to set up and will get a solid amount of use over time. A gift that will keep on giving. The Fire TV Stick will let you easily access content from streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Stan and more. Throw a Prime Video subscription on top, and you’ll also be able to watch Amazon Originals like Star Trek: Picard, The Expanse and The Boys.

ELEPHAS Mini Projector ($162.99) and Projector Screen ($38.87)

projector home cinema
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This is a decent beginners projector that won’t break your bank, but will still give you some solid video quality. Combine it with this portable, fold-out projector screen and you’ll be kicking back to enjoy your own personal cinema in the comfort of your home. Maybe pour some soft drink on the floor to get it nice and sticky, to really complete the experience.

Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player ($335)

blu-ray player home cinema
Image: Sony

If you’re still stuck in the era of DVDs, now might be the time to give your home cinema set up an upgrade. Sony’s UBP-X700 is one of the most reliable 4K Blu-ray players on the market, especially when you consider the comparatively cheaper price tag. As it’s name suggests, it supports Ultra HD and standard blu-rays, with some fantastically crisp playback. Although, you’ll need a 4K TV to really get the full experience. The UBP-X700 can also play DVDs, which means you won’t have to throw out your amassed collection of Scrubs boxsets.

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