Spoil Your Dad With a Father’s Day Gift That Keeps on Giving, Even After the Big Day

Spoil Your Dad With a Father’s Day Gift That Keeps on Giving, Even After the Big Day
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Give your dad a bangin’ Father’s Day gift that’s going to keep him happy for days, or even months, after the big day. Here’s a few interesting finds for you to choose from.

Father’s Day (6 September) is the ultimate 24-hour marathon of showing our dads as much love and affection as we can. More often than not, the sentiments take the form of gifts that we think they’ll love. But why get your dad something he’s only likely going to enjoy for a short time? There’s a whole bunch of exciting options that won’t dry up your bank account and will keep you in his good graces for a long, long time.

Let’s get to it.

A six-month sock subscription from Get Socked ($59.20)

Get Socked
Image: Get Socked

If your dad’s as sock-obsessed as mine, then he’s going to go nuts for a six-month sock subscription from Get Socked. It’s the perfect Father’s Day gift to to win over his heart for a good chunk of the year.

The bamboo socks have been designed right here in Australia, they’re soft and comfortable and the company offers ‘first pair guarantee — love them or first pair for free’. It’s a bargain price and you don’t have to pay delivery fee either.

Get rid of your dad’s old ratty socks and buy him new ones here.

Start your dad’s whiskey collection with Whisky Loot ($49 and up)

Whisky Loot
Image: Whisky Loot

If your dad’s a whisky fan then getting him started on his very own collection may be a solid idea. Whisky Loot is known for its hard-to-find selection of whiskies so you know it’s premium stuff. You can opt for a one-time purchase of three top-shelf whiskies that’ll set you back $79 plus $10 for shipping. Or, you can subscribe and save 45% to pay $49 per month (inclusive of delivery). You could always tell your dad in a card that it’s a three or six-month subscription (or as many months you’re comfortable paying for) and cancel when the time’s up.

Each month, Whisky Loot will send three 60mL bottles of premium brand name whisky sourced from distilleries around the world. If your dad’s not a fan of the whisky in his pack, there’s a free swap option available on unopened bottles.

Get your dad’s whiskey collection started here.

Start your dad on a personalised reading journey with a book subscription service from BookaBuy ($27 and up)

Image: BookaBuy

This one’s for all your dads who love to get lost in a book. Bookabuy offers a three-step subscription model to give readers a surprise book from their preferred genre(s) each month.

Prices start as low as $27 for an ongoing monthly subscription though this will vary depending on your genre of choice. Alternatively, you can pay upfront for a three, six, or 12-month subscription for a new read every 30 days.

Continue your dad’s reading journey here.

Music-loving dad’s will stan Vinyl Moon’s gift plans (starts at $30)

Vinyl Moon
Image: Vinyl Moon

This Father’s Day, treat your dad’s obsession with music and get him a unique vinyl experience. A gift box from Vinyl Moon will send him that month’s deluxe discovery vinyl, a booklet of lyrics, art and information on the bands and member perks and discount.

You can try him out on a monthly membership that’ll set you back $30; a three-month subscription for $29 per box, or an annual membership for $27 per box. Shipping to Australia will cost between $7 to $12 per month. If you’re ready to splurge a little bit extra this year then this one’s going to be a real charmer of a gift.

Surprise your dad’s music buds here. 

12-month Shudder subscription if your dad loves a good spook ($69.99)

revenge shudder
Image: Shudder

Shudder is Australia’s latest streaming platform and subscribing to it will give your dad a chance to watch every kind of horror flick he’s going to hate to love. A year’s worth of spooked moments will set you back $69.99 which is a hella good price and works perfectly as a last-minute gift too.

Give your dad a good scare with a Shudder subscription here.


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