How To Properly Care For Your Facial Hair, From Stubble To Bushy Beards

How To Properly Care For Your Facial Hair, From Stubble To Bushy Beards
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Beards are beautiful. And thanks to iso, we’ve learned to embrace everything from a shade over stubble to full-blown, bountiful, bushy looks. Whatever your facial hair looks like though, if you don’t take proper care of it, it can go from a benefit to a burden.

So before you reach for the razor, take a look at our top facial hair care product picks, which we’ve curated to keep your face looking fine all the time.

Proraso Beard Balm ($29.95)

Image: Shaver Shop

Staying the course at the start is arguably the hardest bit of growing out your facial hair. In the first few weeks itching and irritation is to be expected. Pick out a beard balm and you’ll find an easy way to soothe away even the biggest urge to itch your face off. A fragranced balm will leave skin moisturised and freshen up your facial hair too.

Refreshing Beard Oil ($25.95)

Image: Beautopia

A standard moisturiser will take care of the skin under your beard, but for the beard itself, you’ll want a specific product. Beard oils are packed with nutritious ingredients designed to tame bushy facial hair, making them soft and shiny. The natural eucalyptus is a great way to amplify this effect.

Total Beard Lithium Ion Trimmer ($95)

Image: Shaver Shop

Once you’ve made it through growth, you’ll feel like a new person — and in some cases, you may feel like you’ve acquired a new furrier person attached to your face. For grooming, you’ll want a trimmer with variable cutting lengths to achieve the perfect shape and a decent battery life, so you don’t run out half way through your trim.

Vitaman Shave Oil ($22)

Image: GlamaCo

A beard is one thing. A hairy neck is quite another. So when you’re tidying things up between facial hair trimmings, a shave oil is a great option to prevent nicks and act as a leave-in conditioner for skin. It’ll keep moisture in your beard (and the skin underneath it) topped up.

SEB-MAN The Multi-Tasker Beard and Body Wash ($49.50)

Image: RY

Irritation is a problem, but leave your beard alone for too long and you can develop infections. Regular washing should keep you on top of it, but using a beard wash will make sure of it. Essential oils like bergamot and sandalwood are also shown by studies to help keep away any fungal infections.

Bearded Chap Soap ($20.26)

Image: RY

One of the reasons the skin under your beard gets itchy is because of dead skin cells that build up over time. The seaweed in this soap acts like a gentle exfoliator, clearing away the dead cells and layering in coconut oil to leave skin replenished afterwards.

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