Grab Vodafone’s Latest 50GB Plan For a Cool $35 Per Month

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Vodafone’s introduced a cheap phone plan that’s giving away 50GB for $35. Here’s everything you need to know.

Vodafone’s latest plan is going for $45 per month for 50GB, but you can snag it for a cool $35 price tag for the first 12 months you’re with the telco. That means you’ll save $120 for the year if you stick it out with Vodafone.

The deal is contract-free and available until 14 September, at which point it goes back to its full price.

How does it compare to other Vodaphone plans?

The deal is a little flashier than Vodafone’s entry-level plan, which for comparison, gets you 10GB for $40 per month, and little else. It also includes 100 minutes of international calls to “Zone 1” countries. The entry-level plan has no international calls on offer.

How does the $45 price from Vodafone compare to Telstra and Optus’ closest equivalents?

For comparison, Optus charges $49 for 60GB, and Telstra charges $55 for 40GB.

The Vodafone deal can also be paired with phones, but again, you’ll only get the discount for your first 12 months. Here’s the plan paired with a few popular phones:


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