[NSFW] The Best Things to Eat and Drink for Better-Tasting Bodily Fluids

[NSFW] The Best Things to Eat and Drink for Better-Tasting Bodily Fluids

Private parts are never going to taste like chocolate cake or a glazed doughnut — and that’s OK. Men and women’s natural smells and tastes are part of human sexuality, and as long as you’re healthy, there’s nothing wrong with how the universe made you.

But there are a few things you can eat and drink to smell and taste “better”.

According to the Kinsey Institute, fruit (especially citrus, bananas, and papayas), spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, and peppermint, among others), parsley, wheatgrass, and celery up the flavour of semen. Cigarettes, caffeine, red meat, onions and garlic make it taste worse.

For the ladies, Jezebel recommends pineapple, celery, yoghurt, red grapes, cranberry juice, lots of water, mint, watermelon and strawberries. And the things to avoid? Beer, coffee, alcohol, asparagus, most dairy, onions, shallots, meat and fish.

Remember these next time you hit the supermarket.

Do Certain Foods Affect the Taste of Semen Or Other Bodily Fluids? [Kinsey Confidential]

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  • Would anybody like a banana and a couple of juicy cumquats?

    My girlfriend says it always tastes good about a day after a curry actually, which sort of confirms the spice thing.

    Strangely enough I eat lots of curries……. 🙂

    • I’ve always thought that curries were the worst thing in the whole world ever!? Maybe its just the way I make them (lamb & coconut milk).

      I can’t believe that pineapple didn’t top the “yummy” list.

  • I like how most of these types of “life hacks” are written by Tessa Miller. She strikes me as a girl I would like to meet sometime.

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