PSA: Always Ask For Fresh McDonald’s Fries

PSA: Always Ask For Fresh McDonald’s Fries

There’s nothing quite like McDonald’s French fries straight from the fryer — they’re moist-yet-crunchy, deliciously fresh tasting and almost too hot to eat. The same can’t be said of older batches. To put it bluntly, they taste like cheap, soggy cardboard with some salt sprinkled on top. If you’re unlucky enough to order at the wrong time, this can seriously impact your enjoyment of the meal.

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to get a fresh batch of McDonald’s fries every single time — and you don’t need to employ wily subterfuge or menu ‘hacks’ to get it. Instead, just ask when you order.

The above tip comes from an actual McDonald’s staff member who became sick and tired of customers requesting “no salt” on their fries in an attempt to score a fresh serve. Yes, people really do this.

The idea behind this strategy is that salt-free fries must be made to order, as the existing batch have already been salted. In reality, this is completely unnecessary and is likely to piss off the staff.

“There’s a 90% chance that you read some ‘life hack’ on Reddit that says to get fresh fries just ask for no salt,” the McDonald’s staff member explains. “[This means] the fry person will need to wipe down the station, the fry scoop, and clear the area to keep salt from contaminating the new batch. They might not even fill up your container as full due to this fuss.”

Instead, the staff member recommends just asking that your fries be made fresh. McDonald’s will be more than happy to comply with your order. You might have to wait another five minutes or so, but the payoff will definitely be worth it.

Now before anyone points it out in the comments, the above tip came from a McDonald’s employee based in the US. However, I’ve personally found McDonald’s in Australia to be even more accommodating then its American counterpart. You don’t even have to ask politely over here. (But it’s good karma, so do it anyway.)

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  • Can confirm this to be 100% accurate. My son started working at Maccas this last February and only just moved to front counter from working on the fryer and grill. He said people in the back HATE it when people ask for unsalted, but they’re usually willing to overlook certain things for nice customers, it’s when people come in acting like assholes that things go askew. Never, EVER forget your please and thank you’s and never treat your customer service attendant as anything less than an equal. You might like to think you’re higher than those who serve you, but I’d like to quote the movie “Waiting” when it comes to things like this, “Dont fuck with people that handle your food”, because they handle it before you do…

    • I was nearly beaten up at 4 am because I had the audacity to tell the customers that is they want fresh fries to ask and then they wouldn’t have had to wait as long. I had just finished my shift and they approached me in a very threatening manner. Luckily someone was waiting to pick me up, told them to “f off”. Once they realised there was someone with me, they scampered.
      There is something worse then old fries. A fryer that hasn’t been cleaned weekly. The fries from that taste awful.

      • Absolutely, it definitely is. But you’re still the customer. It doesn’t make it right, but you’re the second person to handle that food, not the first. Pays to be courteous 🙂

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