Hit a New PB With These Running Pieces for Under $100

Hit a New PB With These Running Pieces for Under $100
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Running is an expensive business no matter how experienced you are. Sneakers wear out, tights tear and tops stain all too easily. So whether you’re a novice or an avid runner, it makes sense to save those cents where possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options for athletic wear out there.

That being said, we’ve picked out our favourite running gear for less than $100. They’ll help you get on your way with running and look good on your laps around the block too.

Printed Fast Flight 7 Inch 2 in 1 Short, $60.00

athletic wear
Image: New Balance

2-in-1 running shorts mean you don’t have to choose between comfort and support. Instead you get the best of both worlds, with a snug inner layer that holds everything in place and a breezy outer layer, to keep all your things with you while you rack up the kilometres.

Printed Fast Flight Crop Tank, $40.00

athletic wear
Image: New Balance

The last thing you want on a run is sweaty material that hugs the body. Crop tops make a lot of sense and if you can find one with moisture-wicking, it’ll speed up drying time so you aren’t dripping by the time you get home.

Nike Revolution 5 FlyEase, $80.99

Image: Nike

Some sneakers work well on roads, others work better on trails, but the best can do both. All terrain sneakers offer unparalleled traction, can help you expand your running repertoire and give you confidence to increase your distance too.

Nike Renew Run, $78.99

Image: Nike

Picking a pair of sneakers that are made from flex materials make sense: They’ll offer plenty of room at the toes and be more breathable, which means you don’t get any nasty surprises when you take them off at the end of your 5k. 

Adidas Women’s ¾ Leggings, $39.00

athletic wear
Image: Catch

Three-quarter length tights are great all rounders: They’re warm enough to last through winter and better at keeping you cool than a full length tight in summer. They also offer top support through their bonded waist and tight compression.

PUMA Waist Bag, $40.00

Image: The Iconic

If you’re tired of your phone strap falling off your arm, or running with all your things in your hand, a waist bag can change your whole running experience. You can put it all in one place and it causes minimal fuss compared to what you had to deal with before.

Asics Gel Pulse 11 Mens Grand Shark, $99.99

Image: Athletes Foot

Ongoing iso means many of us have to hit the road for our daily run. Concrete is an unforgiving mistress, so if you care about your body you’ll buy a pair of sneakers with excellent padding and a sturdy sole to protect your joints.

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