How To Find A Face Mask That’ll Actually Fit

Face Mask Size
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Around the world, face masks are becoming increasingly more common in the fight against coronavirus. Unfortunately amid all the panic buying, people aren’t taking the time to consider all the features their mask needs for optimum protection. In fact, one of the biggest issue people are facing is finding the right face mask size for their head and face. 

Despite what many think, face masks aren’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ situation. This can make face mask shopping pretty tricky,  particularly when it comes to finding the right face mask size. It might arrive and be far too big (with no adjustable ear loops) or it may be too small but made from material without any stretch – nightmare!

It’s important to take all these factors into consideration when you’re choosing a mask – after all, if it doesn’t fit correctly, it really isn’t doing much good. Here’s what you need to look for when buying a mask and how to find the right face mask size for you. 

How To Choose The Right Face Mask Size:

When you’re choosing a face mask, you need to ensure that it’ll fit snugly around your face. If there’s any gaps for air particles to get through, you’re susceptible to bacteria and germs (not to mention you could be harming others). When you’re shopping for face masks, it’s recommended features include multiple layers of fabric, ear loops, filter pockets and the ability to be rewashed and reused. 

face mask size
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Small Masks:

So how do you got about choosing the right face mask size? If you have a smaller face and head, it’s best to opt for a face mask with adjustable straps. Anything that can tighten the mask to ensure it fits snugly on your face is the best possible option. Here, we’ve compiled a range of face mask size options to suit a variety of smaller framed faces. 

Slumbies Cloth Face Coverings ($19.99)

If you’re keen to jazz up your face mask game, these slumbies masks are a perfect choice. Available in a range of fun patterns and colours and fitted with adjustable ear bands, they’re stylish and practical. 

Adjustable Face Mask ($20.99) 

This mask is fitted with an elastic, adjustable ear loop so you can loosen or tighten to achieve the exact face mask size you’re after. It also has an adjustable nose bridge so you can ensure it’s fitted as snugly as possible. 

Pure Silk Adjustable Face Mask ($22.59) 

If being comfortable is a big priority for you then this is the perfect mask. Made from 100% silk, it’s incredibly soft and gentle on your face if you need to wear it for long periods of time. Tuck the loops behind your ears before tightening as you need – and it won’t get stuck in your hair either which is always a plus. 

2 Pack Reusable Face Covers ($16.99) 

This face mask is made with a slider for adjusting the length of the ear loops so it couldn’t be easier to put on and take off. Made with five layers of filter protection and a breathing valve, you’re guaranteed to feel secure once you put this on. 

face mask size
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Large Masks:

If you have a larger face and head, you’ll probably want to choose a face mask that’s made from stretchy material and will have some give. 

Polyurethan Face Mask ($29.99) 

Made with a super soft, stretchy ear loop and face covering, this is a versatile option to achieve your ideal face mask size. 

Face Mask With Strap Extender ($13.99)

Choosing a mask with a strap extender is a great idea for people looking to increase the range of their coverage without having to choose a different mask entirely. This design also takes pressure off your ears, allowing you to wear the mask for longer periods of time. 

Cotton Face Mask ($10.00) 

Measuring 25cm in length and 14cm in width, this face mask is a viable option for people with bigger faces. 

3 Layer Disposable Mask ($28.99)  

The flexible material of this face mask means it skews toward the larger side. Pull the fabric apart to ensure it covers your entire nose and mouth. Another bonus? It’s shipped from Australia so you can expect super speedy delivery. 

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