Everything You Need to Host a Backyard BBQ for the Footy Finals

Everything You Need to Host a Backyard BBQ for the Footy Finals
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Can you smell that? It smells like the arrival of footy finals, mixed with the scent of BBQ’d meats. Oh,  how we’ve missed that smell. There’s nothing more Aussie than celebrating the footy finals with a good old fashioned BBQ. Get ready to head out back with a beer and sausage sizzle in hand (and donning all the merchandise of your favourite team).

From high-tech BBQ get-ups to drool worthy cookbooks, there’s no shortage of gadgets when it comes to grilling. If you love making magic with smoked meat or cooking up a storm in the backyard, you’ll want to invest in these. Here, we’ve rounded up a range of tools that’ll make you a grilling machine and guarantee your backyard will be the top spot to watch the games from.

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Weber Baby Q Titanium LPG ($339.00) 

This BBQ is a crowd-pleaser for a reason. It’s small enough to carry around with you but large enough to feed the family on a Sunday afternoon. You can use it for both grilling and convection cooking which means a variety of meals is always on offer. This is ideal if you’re on the economical side, as the BBQ can cook around roughly 100 meals off just one bottle of gas (in a standard 9kg bottle). For fast, simple cooking that’s delicious every time, you can’t look past this. 

Dalstrong Professional Chef’s Kitchen Apron ($59.99) 

Made with 100% cotton black denim, this is one kitchen apron that’s built to last. Cooking is an all-in kind of sport so you’ll will want to protect your finest shirts by throwing this apron over the top. Three easy-access front pockets can hold all your BBQ equipment from tongs to thermometers.

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor BBQ Grill ($109.00)

This barbecue may be small but it can do it all. Set it up on a bench top inside or even in the backyard – its removable stand makes it extremely versatile. This BBQ has been cleverly designed with five temperature settings and a fat reducing slope design to ensure maximum flavour from your food without the unwanted fats and oils. Perfect for the health-conscious BBQ-ers who still loves a good burger.

Keelsio Digital Meat Thermometer ($24.85)


We’ll let this thermometers five-star rating speak for itself. Featuring highly-accurate, super speedy temperature reading capabilities, this is the perfect BBQ companion if you love to have your meat perfectly cooked. You can even use it to check the temp of his tempered chocolate when you feel like switching up your skillset to desserts.

Smokey Joe Charcoal BBQ ($109.95) 

If you love your smokey meats then this is the ultimate accessory. This compact little grill can cook around 3-5 pieces of meat making it the perfect companion for a Sunday afternoon BBQ. It’s compact size also makes it perfect for camping trips. For the price, you really can’t go wrong.

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto ($45.84) 

If you has all the gear and no idea or you’re looking for some new meaty inspo, you’ll want to add this epic cookbook to your collection. From tips on how to source the best cuts to step-by-step instructions to cooking the most amazing brisket, this cookbook has it all.

Kamenstein Jar Rotating Spice Rack ($59.96) 

Even if you’re not a big BBQ fan, a spice rack can still be a really great addition to the kitchen. This rotating rack can hold up to 12 different spices and looks great on the kitchen counter, too.

Weber Pulse 2000 Electric BBQ ($699.00) 

This BBQ has been especially designed for urban living, so it’s tricked out with all the modern bells and whistles.  Download the iGrill app to your phone and receive real-time information on the cooking status of your meats. The grease management system also works to funnel grease away from the heating element to prevent flare ups. It couldn’t be easier to set-up either, just plug it in and cook!

WOTOW Stainless Steel Barbecue Grills Tool Set ($49.00) 

If you already have a BBQ but your tools are looking a little worn out then a new collection is just the ticket. This 9-piece set from WOTOW comes with four skewers, power tongs, silicone basting brush and spatula. It’s handy zip-up bag means you’re is free to barbecue on the go whenever the mood for meat strikes.

Everdure Furnace 3 Burner Gas Barbecue ($1,099) 

While it may be at the pricier end of the spectrum, this gas barbecue is undeniably worth it. The outer shell is made from aluminium so you won’t need to worry about it rusting and with a short preheat time of around 5 minutes, it’s super simple to fire it up and get everything on quickly. 

Hot Shots Australia The Gourmet Collection Spice Blends ($18.00) 

You can never (repeat, never) have too much spice or flavour when it comes to cooking. These spices are the ultimate way to jazz up any piece of meat and make your meal that little bit more exciting.


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